10 Best Bat Grip Tapes

10 Best Bat Grip Tapes

Top 10 Best Bat Grips

Sweat, rain, whatever the conditions might be, a hitter needs to have good control of their bat. Bat grip tape gives you great grip, giving you the best chance to swing for the fences or hit for average.

Tape to improve your grip on the bat has become more and more popular in the major leagues, and it can be seen on softball and baseball bats across the nation. What for some looks like simply an accessory, bat grip tape can help you take your batting to the next level.

In this post, we will take you through the ten best bat grip tapes we’ve found, and then we’ll provide a buying guide to help you find the right bat grip for your game.

1. Rawlings Bat Grip Tape


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Rawlings is one of the most trusted brands in baseball and softball equipment, and this bat grip is no exception to the high-quality Rawlings fans are familiar with. This is a cushioned black tape that can simply be applied to any type of bat. Not only will it increase your grip, but it also helps reduce vibration, especially on aluminum bats. It has a thickness of 2.75 mm, and it is a great option for some extra cushion on your bat.


  • 75mm thickness
  • Vibration reducing grip
  • Simple black design

2. Vulcan Bat Grip

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This bat grip tape is slightly thinner than the previous one. It is a more standard 1.75mm thickness, and its red sizzle design adds both flair and cushion to your bat. The grip tape is made of advanced polymer, so it is suitable for use in both dry and wet playing conditions. What separates Vulcan from the pack is the “maze” imprint on the tape that improves hitters’ grip. This tape will fit on a wood, alloy, or composite bat. Increase your bat control and grip all with a snazzy design.


  • 75mm thickness
  • Unique "maze" imprint
  • Easy application

3. VukzGripz Bat Grip Tape


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An excellent bat grip that offers customization options so you can buy a tape that matches your uniform or team colors. VukGripz focused on increasing slip resistance and improving your performance, so you can feel comfortable in the batter’s box. The company focuses on producing high-quality American-made bat grips that focus on grip rather than being sticky or tacky. With VukGripz you can increase your bat speed and have a firm grip on your bat. This product earns its spot on the list as it has been backed up by professional studies.


  • Available in 11 colors/designs
  • Reusable

4. Lizard Skin


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Some batters will want a thick tape, and this is one of the thickest you’ll find on the market with a 3.2 mm thickness. It fits all bat sizes and the tape roll is 89 inches, so you’ll get plenty of use out of it. Lizard Skin has 8 different color options, so you can customize your bat to your liking. The tape is made of high-quality polymer, so your bat will be ready to go in any weather condition. If you want a thicker tape to add more cushion and reduce vibration, Lizard Skin’s 3.2 mm option is a go-to. It comes at a premium price, but with that you get a guaranteed premium quality.


  • Available in 9 colors/designs
  • 2mm thickness

5. Sniper Skin


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If customization and looks are important to you, then this very well could be the bat grip for you. With colors and designs ranging from Black Camo to red lightning, there is a style for everyone in this range of bat grips. Different from tape, this sleeve can be put on your bat using boiling water.  The sleeve has vibration dampening foam tips in it for improved comfort. It is also waterproof so you can feel confident batting even when the rain is pouring down. Additionally, it's lightweight, so it doesn’t add bulkiness to your bat and will help with bat speed. This family-owned and operated company has struck gold with its line of bat grips.


  • Over 20 designs
  • Slip-resistant and waterproof
  • Easy to install on bat
  • Fits most bats

6. Spiderz Bat Grip


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Another bat grip as opposed to tape, Spiderz Bat Grip has a thickness of 1.1 mm and is made of high-quality polymer that stands up in all weather conditions. Its spider web design gives a soft and comfortable feel on composite, wooden or aluminum bats. You can comfortably use this bat grip with or without batting gloves. It has a simple, black design that goes with any team color or bat. Overall, this is a very inexpensive yet effective solution to increasing the grip on your bat.


  • 1mm thickness
  • 10 designs

7. Grip-N-Rip


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This is the second iteration of the Grip-N-Rip with a 10% larger design better suited for larger hands and batting gloves. It slides right over the knob and out to the bat after a short soak in water. It will then firmly stay on the bat and provide younger players with a comfortable fit. This is a great product if you have young or newer players that aren’t yet used to feeling vibration upon making contact. This is one of the most affordable bat grips on the market, and it also has many color options.


  • Available in 20 different designs/colors
  • Easy to take on and off your bat
  • Durable materials

8. Ballpark Elite


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This is a stylish and affordable 1.1 mm bat grip tape that will help you swing for the fences. It gives batters the confidence to perform in any weather condition and it holds up great in the rain. It comes precut and has anti-slip properties which make it a breeze to install on your bat, and since it is tapered with beveled edges you get a seamless fit on the handle. In total, you get 39” of tape with this roll, giving you great bang for your buck.


  • Available in 8 colors/designs
  • 1mm thickness
  • Tape is precut for easy application

9. Lizard Skins 1.1mm Bat Grip


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Lizard Skins is one of the most reputable bat grip tape companies out there, and their 1.1mm bat grip tape is a top-of-the-line product. It is ultra-lightweight and slip resistant in both dry and wet climates. It’s a long-lasting grip solution that comes with plenty of color and design options, so you’ll stand out in the field.


  • 1mm thickness
  • Lightweight
  • Slip-resistant

10. Franklin Sports Bat Grip Tape


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Franklin designed this bat tape to absorb shock and reduce vibration when you make contact with the ball. Overall, this gives you a comfortable handle on your bat. The tape is constructed with a premium tensile strength which will extend the life span of the tape compared to other similar products. The thickness is 1.2 mm and comes in black, so it can be used on a range of aluminum, wood, and alloy bats.


  • 2mm thickness
  • Shock absorption
  • Comes in a simple black design

Buying Guide

Why do I need a Bat Grip Tape?

There are a variety of reasons why you might want or even need bat grip tape or a bat grip. Bat grip products help you hold onto your bat better, allowing for a stronger, more secure follow through.

This often leads to improved results on the field and can increase your batting average. Another way improving your bat grip can help is in different weather conditions. If your hands are sweaty on a summer day or you’re playing in the rain, a firmer grip on your bat can drastically improve your confidence and performance in the batter’s box.

Furthermore, bat grip tape can provide a more comfortable experience for both experienced and new players. Good bat grip tapes reduce the vibration you feel when making contact with the ball. For example, the Rawlings Bat Grip Tape is a thick tape that reduces vibration and makes your bat more comfortable to use.

Bat tapes also add cushion to your bat that add comfort. Very thick bat tapes like Lizard Skin add a thick layer of protection for your hands.

What size do I need?

What bat grip tape size you need will largely depend on your bat and your personal preferences.

If you are most concerned about keeping your bat speed high, you will want to go for a thin tape or light product. A thinner bat tape will give you a better grip on your bat while also giving you the power to get through the strike zone faster. The Ballpark Elite tape is 1.1 mm and is the thinnest tape on our top 10. If you prefer a bat grip sleeve, the Spiderz Bat Grip is also lightweight and 1.1 mm.

Thicker bat tapes offer more cushion, so if your main concern is comfort then go for a thick tape. Lizard Skin tape is one of the thickest on the market at 3.2 mm.

And if you want to balance the desire for bat speed and comfort, you’ll want to go with a tape thickness somewhere in the middle. The Vulcan Bat Grip is a good option in this range with a 1.75 mm thickness.

What Bat Grip Design Should I Buy?

On our website we offer both bat grip tapes and other bat grip products like sleeves that you fuse or slide onto the bat.

For improved bat grip, tape is the easiest to use and apply to your bat. All you need is some time and scissors. However, you do want to buy a tape that is high-quality and will hold up over time and repeated use. The Franklin Sports Bat Grip Tape is very durable thanks to premium tensile strength that extends its longevity.

On the flip side, you also have bat sleeves which are preferred by some for their durability in comparison with tape. These sleeves only have to be applied to a bat once, however they do take a little more work than tape. The Sniper Skin is one of the top bat sleeves on the market because it is waterproof and very comfortable to use.

For some, style is also very important. Bat grip can be a way to show off your personality and style. Most bat grip tapes and products either come in a simple black or a range of different designs. The Sniper Skin and Ballpark Elite both have unique designs that add to their functionality. If you’re looking for a more understated bat grip tape, you will be able to find a simple black tape like the Franklin Sports Bat Grip Tape or one with options to match your team colors like the VukzGripz Bat Grip Tape.

Whether you want bat grip tape or a bat grip sleeve, we have you covered with our list of bat grip products for softball and baseball players.


Having a good grip on your bat is essential to hitting both softball and baseball at all levels. Bat grip products allow you to better control your bat and swing and improve your batting average.

In the cold rain or hot summer, a good bat grip tape can make a world of difference, giving you comfort and control at the batter’s box.

From Little League to the pros, baseball and softball players rely on high-quality bat grip products like those in our top 10 to get the most out of their swing and help their team on the diamond.


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