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11 Best Baseball Swing Trainers You Need This Season

Sep 21, 2021 0 comments

Top 11 Best Baseball Swing Trainers + Buyer's Guide

Are you looking for a quick, easy and affordable way to improve your baseball or softball swing?  A swing trainer is the answer. Choose the right swing trainer and you will be able to improve your swing from just about anywhere. A good quality swing trainer really does have the potential to dramatically improve your batting average and power at the plate. Let’s take a look at the top 10 swing trainers on the market.

Top 10 Best Rated Baseball Swing Trainers

1. Ground Force Sports King of Swing

Just like pitchers, batters need to train their legs to increase velocity and power in their swing. The King of Swing from Ground Force Sports is designed to help batters gain strength and create more directional force when batting.

This model is to be used with turf shoes only. Simply slide your plant foot into the King of Swing and hitters will practice creating more force from their plant foot so they can swing for the fences. Not only does it help batters create more force, but it also helps protect the upper half of your body.


  • Provides instant audible feedback to tell if hitter is creating enough ‘ground force’
  • Suitable for all ages and skill levels
  • Helps increase longevity and health

This is a great addition to your batting cage training that will help you increase your bat speed and power while protecting your body.

2. TAP Hitting Target

This product prides itself in being a low-tech solution to swing training by providing a high amount of information with a simple equipment design. It is a low-cost alternative to high-tech swing training equipment that gives the hitter instant feedback on ball trajectory and how well the ball comes off the bat. You use the TAP Hitting Target with a tee to where the ball will go and what type of hit it will be. It divides hits into three categories: extra base hits, line drives, and grounders. With this information, hitters can train for different hits and get plenty of swing repetitions.


  • Provides instant feedback on trajectory
  • Helps hitters train different launch angles
  • Use with batting tee

This affordable piece of equipment was designed with the help of legendary hitting coach Mike Ryan, and it is a great self-training tool for batters.

3. TAP Lateral Ply Trainer

This is a simple piece of equipment that is easy to set up and will increase the lateral power and explosiveness of players. It also helps increase hip strength and train batters to generate power from their legs when they are swinging for the fences. It is a safe and inexpensive way to work on your leg power and durability. It can be easily adapted to train different skill levels by increasing or decreasing the distance between the two blocks. This is also a great way for players to gain confidence in improving their lateral power as the distance can slowly be increased with weeks and months of training.


  • Can be used to train both pitchers and batters
  • Balances strength in the lower half of your body
  • Sold in four different configurations
  • Mats are made of durable rubber

This is a great piece of equipment that can be used for a variety of purposes including: increasing power, balance, quickness, and strength.

4. SKLZ Hit-A-Way



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Lauded as one of the best swing trainers around, the SKLZ Hit-A-Way can be used by young baseball players as well as those at the professional level. This trainer is ideal for both left-handed and right-handed batters. This design sets the stage for you to strike the baseball with the sweet spot of the bat over and over again. The unit features an adjustable pitch height so batters can practice hitting baseball at varying heights. The trainer consists of a ball connected to a pole with a twist-back style string.

Features of the SKLZ Hit-A-Way include:

  • Easy setup in mere minutes
  • Allows upward of 500 swings per hour
  • Boosts hitting power
  • Can be connected to a pole or even a tree thanks to convenient hook/loop style straps
  • Padded feet for additional stability
  • Weight of 35 pounds

Swing away with this trainer and you will learn how to correctly strike the baseball. There is no need to break your rhythm to go find the baseball as it remains firmly connected to the swing trainer no matter how hard you swing. Both kids and adults love this swing trainer’s portability. The simple folding style design ensures you can move it and set it up wherever desired.

5. Insider Bat Swing Trainer


Batter-Ox Baseball Swing Trainer with storage bag


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This is one of the simplest and most easy-to-use swing trainers on our list. Insider Bat markets this product as a muscle memory tool that trains hitters in proper grip and swing mechanics. Basically, it’s a replacement for a bat in training situations with a rectangular sweet spot to train players on the exact spot they should be hitting the ball with. Also, the handle is designed to help hitters focus on hand placement. The handle has a “trigger” to remind players exactly where the hand should stay throughout their swing.


  • Design that trains players’ muscle memory
  • Can be used by all skill levels from youth to pro
  • Aluminum construction.

It doesn’t come with any unnecessary bells and whistles, so your players can focus on what’s most important, their swing. By training their muscle memory, this tool helps players return to their bat with all the fundamentals exactly how they should be.

6. Rope Bat - The Ultimate Hitting System With Smushballs



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Plenty of baseball pitchers teach young batters to uncoil their body while swinging, similar to a the motion of a spring. The uncoiling motion uses the entirety of the body when striking the ball. The Rope Bat helps for this exact purpose. This is a complete swing trainer in every sense of the word. The trainer consists of a rope bat along with a dozen smushballs. 

The bat itself contains rope material. This unique design forces the batter to improve his or her swing based on feedback that shows the ball is not being hit exactly as it should be. Swinging with the whole body maximizes power that much more. 

Features of this unique swing trainer include:

  • Extra soft smushballs that do not damage houses or other buildings
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Enhances swing power
  • Includes a convenient tote bag for portability

Pick up this swing trainer and it won’t take long to enhance your power at the plate. The Rope Bat even includes a 20+ page batting guide that helps players of all ages and skill levels get the most out of the swing trainer.

7. Momentus Speed Hitter Baseball Little League Youth 34" Baseball Trainer



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Sliding ball technology is used in this youth baseball swing trainer. The Momentus Speed Hitter makes it easier to keep hands on the inside for maximum contact and power. As experienced baseball players know, keeping the hands inside when swinging is not easy. However, the Momentus Speed Hitter really does make it easier to keep the elbows that much closer to the body while swinging, ultimately improving control and balance at the plate.

Features include:

  • Weight of nearly one pound makes it easy to use regardless of location
  • 34 inches in length
  • O-ring that fits above the bat’s grip for faster and harder swings
  • Increases bat speed
  • View the point of contact to correct your swing
  • Creates vibrations as a form of negative reinforcement so you don’t repeat swing mistakes

Play around with this swing trainer and you will find it has superior flexibility. You can easily slide the O-ring toward the steel shaft’s top section to practice swinging faster. Slide the O-ring downward, allow it to move that much more easily and you will maximize swing energy, releasing the baseball bat at just the right time. 

8. The PowerNet Swing Trainer


Powernet Swing Trainer Batting Tee


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This portable swing trainer can be set up in two minutes or less. If you are looking for a swing trainer that can be transported to practice at the diamond, a local park or a friend’s house and used without a difficult setup process, this is it. The PowerNet Swing Trainer is made with steel that continues to provide support and stability no matter how hard you swing.

PowerNet Features include:

  • Large net can be used for batting and pitching
  • Ideal for players at all levels of play
  • Net measures 7’ by 7’
  • 2.5-pound tee
  • Strike zone marker
  • Carry bag with shoulder strap

Though this looks like one of the more elaborate swing trainers on the market, you don’t need a single tool to assemble it. Nor do you need your own ground stakes as the unit has its own. Continue to practice with the weighted training baseball and you will gradually improve your power. You can even use this net as a backstop for baseball practice at your preferred space, be it the backyard, local park or diamond.

9. Swingers Ultimate Baseball Batting Trainer



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Baseball is all about hand-eye coordination. Improving your hand-eye coordination at the dish requires practice. Choose the Swingers Ultimate Baseball Batting Trainer and you will find it enhances each component of your swing. Whether you are looking to improve your timing, power or contact frequency, this trainer will help. 

Features include:

  • Bat bag for all components makes it easy to transport to the diamond
  • Zero in on specific swing components for precise improvement
  • Affordable price
  • Setup takes a couple minutes

In short, this swing trainer has everything you need to reach your potential as a batter. There is no need to purchase a bunch of practice balls or a pop-up net. Add in the fact that this trainer is set up in mere minutes and there is all the more reason to buy it for yourself or the young baseball player in your family.

10. PowerChute Swing Trainer



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Created by the famous Cincinnati Reds’ shortstop and Hall of Famer Barry Larkin, this swing trainer has the potential to increase you swing speed by an incredible 10 miles per hour. The PowerChute Swing Trainer is perfect for warming up before an at-bat. 

Baseball Swing Trainer Features include:

  • Lifetime warranty that equates to a $50 value
  • Improves exit velocity at the plate
  • Precisely improves swing mechanics to boost swing speed and power
  • Well-built for use across years or even decades ahead

Though this swing trainer looks somewhat similar to the baseball donuts players used all the time back in the 80s and 90s, it is unique enough to justify a purchase. Baseball donuts have gone out of style as they can compromise swing mechanics. Part of the appeal of the PowerChute is it does not alter the bat weight while it is in your hand. The trainer is long enough that it can expand resistance throughout the full length of the bat barrel, helping hitters replicate the same swing path over and over again. 

The trainer catches air while in use, making the swinging motion that much more difficult. Remove the trainer from the bat and you will find your muscles work as they did when you used a conventional baseball donut. However, your swing mechanics won’t be compromised.

11. LineDrivePro Swing Trainer


a guy holding the LineDrivePro Swing Trainer for baseball


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Are you looking for a swing trainer that helps you enhance your bat barrel control through an improvement of muscle memory?  If so, you are not alone. Bat barrels are difficult to control as they are the largest and heaviest part of the bat. Give the LIneDrivePro Swing Trainer a try and you will find it really does enhance your muscle memory, ultimately making it that much easier to hit for a higher average and more power.

Features include:

  • Can be used by players of all skill levels and ages
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Helps batters move hands through the zone for superior contact to all parts of the field
  • Trains the muscles to replicate the optimal swing
  • 3 practice balls
  • Mesh bag 

This easy-to-use swing trainer improves your hitting performance without a lengthy wait. The unit’s lightweight cup connects to all bats in a couple seconds. The instantaneous visual feedback shows you where the ball goes after your swing, helping you develop the proper mechanics at the plate. However, this trainer can only be used with tennis balls or other lightweight balls.

Honorable Mentions

12. SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Batting Swing Trainer


SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Batting Swing Trainer for baseball with storage bag


Buy from Amazon

SKLZ is clearly emerging as one of the top names in the baseball equipment and training industry. The company’s Hurricane Category 4 swing trainer is used on practice tees or as a simulator that replicates actual moving pitches at varying speeds. You can easily adjust pitch speed with the four different power bands.

Features include:

  • Ideal for both baseball and softball players
  • Enhances bat speed with an easily visible ball target
  • Reliable steel frame lasts longer than other swing trainers
  • Height is adjustable for your desired ball position
  • Folded dimensions of 8” x 8” x 50” make storage easy
  • Standing dimensions of 36” x 36” x 4”
  • Weight of 37 pounds
  • Carry bag
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors thanks to its durable non-slip style 4’ base
  • Replica home plate and four ground stakes included

Start swinging with this trainer and you will find it boosts your bat speed and also enhances your contact. The elastic resistance bands make it easy to alter tension as desired, helping you drive through baseballs rather than pulling away without the proper follow-through.

13. SWINGRAIL Baseball/Softball Swing Trainer



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Part of batting success is learning how to feel your swing the right way. Feeling the proper swinging motion requires the development of muscle memory. The SWINGRAIL Baseball/Softball Swing Trainer helps you feel the proper swinging motion and replicate it over and over again. This ingenious trainer corrects half a dozen of the most common batting mistakes. 

Swing Trainer Features include:

  • Breakaway style guide strap provides feedback without delay
  • Used by players from age 9 on up
  • 15 online instructional videos/training programs included

Dodgers superstar Cody Bellinger has endorsed this swing trainer, stating it helps him remain inside so he can take a “great path to the ball.”  Fastpitch MVP Megan Wiggins also sings the praises of this swing trainer. All in all, a quarter-million baseball players use the SWINGRAIL Baseball/Softball Swing Trainer.

14. SKLZ Hitting Stick


SKLZ hitting stick for baseball


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The best swing trainers are highlighted by a comfortable soft grip that is ergonomic and doesn’t cause blisters, callouses or other problems with the hands. The comfortable grip on the SKLZ Hitting Stick is clearly one of its strong points. This trainer is designed to enhance your swing mechanics and maximize contact with the baseball or softball. This swing trainer is perfect for coaches and players who recognize the benefits of one-on-one coaching. 

Additional features include:

  • Can be used in several unique positions for different drills
  • Dimensions of 54” x 3.7” x 3”
  • Weighs 1.3 pounds

Both baseball coaches and players alike love this swing trainer. The horizontal hitter setup allows for full control. You can easily adjust speed, position in the strike zone and height as desired. Practice with this swing trainer for a week and you will find your swing noticeably improves.

Why do You Need a Swing Trainer? 

Even the best batters can benefit from a swing trainer. Unless you have enough money to build or install your own personal batting cage in your basement or backyard, you should lean toward buying a swing trainer. In fact, some of those who have access to batting cages also use swing trainers as they are portable and provide specific feedback to improve contact and power.  A swing trainer can be used in a space that is much smaller than that occupied by a batting cage. 

Swing trainers are expertly engineered to highlight the flaws of a batter’s swinging motion. Batters willing to invest the time and energy necessary to make swing alterations based on feedback from a swing trainer really do make more frequent and powerful contact with baseballs and softballs.

Improving Your Swing With a Baseball Swing Trainer

This piece of equipment will help you make contact at the dish and also increase your bat speed for additional power. You can use a swing trainer on your own even if your baseball coach or hitting coach is not present. Perfect your swing with a swing trainer and you will be that much more transitioning from the on-deck circle to the pressure-packed batter's box. Sensors, resistance and additional technology used in swing trainers heighten your awareness of swing subtleties to improve muscle memory, helping you can maximize your potential as a batter.

Buying guide: Choosing From Different Types of Swing Trainers

Swing trainers are available in different forms. Some swing trainers are tee-based. Others include large nets to hit into. Ropes/strings and additional materials are also used in swing trainers.  Consider the trainer's ease of use, size and swing recording capability for analytical purposes before making a financial commitment. 

Type of Training You Need

Sort through the details of each swing trainer and you will find some are better for improving batting stance while others are ideal for improving grip on the bat, contact frequency, power or other nuances of the swinging motion. Take a moment to think about the aspect of your swing that needs the most improvement before whittling down the field of available swing trainers to the cream of the crop.

Batters benefit from swing trainers such as tees, nets, pitching machines and conditioners. However, some nets can also be used for pitchers so be sure to take a close look at the details of each specific swing trainer before buying one. As an example, if you are a baseball coach or a hitting instructor, a fungo bat along with practice balls might be best for team training sessions.


Don’t let the seemingly endless number of swing trainers on the market overwhelm you. Print this swing training guide, reference it as you shop and you will find the right swing trainer for your specific batting flaw(s). Do not let price dictate your decision! If you are a baseball coach, hitting instructor or parent of several young baseball players, opt for a higher-quality trainer that will continue to work for years or possibly even decades. Above all, read through the individual reviews of the swing trainers you have in mind and you will be able to make a purchase in full confidence.

Amanda DiSilvestro

Kevin King

Kevin King is the founder of Anytime Baseball a Dodger fan and a lover of all things baseball.

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