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10 Must See Best Baseball Scorebooks (Plus Buyer's Guide)

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Top 10 Best Baseball Scorebooks 

True baseball fans understand the viewing experience is incomplete without a scorebook. Any old baseball scorebook will not suffice. The quality of your scorebook will shape your passion for the game and ensure you keep accurate statistics of your team, that of your child or the squad you are managing/volunteering for. 

Whether you are a baseball team manager, a fan, a parent or a coach, you need the best baseball scorebook on the market. This buying guide provides an inside look at exactly what to zero in on when shopping for baseball scorebooks. We also delve into some of the top baseball scorebooks to consider.

The Top Baseball Scorebooks

1. BSN Baseball/Softball Scorebook


BSN Baseball/Softball Scorebook


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This scorebook is perfect for both baseball and softball. The BSN scorebook has enough space for the scoring of 26 games. This scorebook accounts for 16 batting positions. Each sheet has enough space for scoring nine innings of baseball or softball. 

Additional features include:

  • Simplified scoring
  • Dimensions of 11.3” by 9.3” by 0.4”
  • Season schedule
  • Batting average chart
  • Season totals
  • Pitcher stats
  • Additional stats including AB, BB, 1B, 3B, HR
  • Well-constructed spiral binding that keeps pages firmly connected

Give this scorebook a try and you will love the fact that it makes it easy to document all at-bats from a baseball or softball game in a single page. Sort through the pages and you will find the scorebook even features additional slots to accommodate for in-game substitutions. It doesn’t get any more comprehensive than that.

2. Perfect Strike Baseball Scorebook


Perfect Strike Baseball SCOREBOOK


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This well-made heavy duty scorebook features heavy paper sheets that prove durable over time. Give this scorebook a chance and you will find it really does make scoring that much easier. Made in the United States of America, this scorebook features a rugged heavy front cover along with an even heavier back cover for additional support. 

You will be hard-pressed to find a thicker baseball scorebook, largely because of the Perfect Strike Baseball SCOREBOOK’s heavy scoring sheets. This scorebook consists of heavy 67 lb. premium paper used for multi-media. These elite sheets are held in high regard throughout the print industry as they do not allow markings to bleed through.

Features include:

  • 40 scoring records 
  • 20 sheets made with heavy paper
  • 8.5” by 11” dimensions
  • Perfect for 9-inning baseball
  • Classic design
  • Large scoring boxes

Even if you drop your Perfect Strike scorebook, it will likely hold strong thanks to its PVC spiral binding. This binding does not crush or bend unless subjected to considerable pressure. In fact, the PVC binding proves that much more durable than metal binding. This innovative scorebook is clearly one of the best on the market. 

3. SR Baseball/Softball Scorebook “Side by Side”



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If you’ve kept score at a baseball or softball game, you may have had to deal with a scorebook that requires you to flip back and forth. This scorebook solves that issue by having both the home and visitor score pages side by side in this large scoring book. It also comes at an affordable price point and is an easy-to-use scorebook. 

Features include:

  • No more flipping pages with side by side scoring
  • Spiral bound
  • Batting average chart
  • Track 16 individual players on each team
  • Space for individual player stats
  • Scoring for 30 games
  • Size: 16” x 11.5”
  • Pitch count tracking 

This scorebook will simplify your work as you keep track of your baseball or softball game. It has a “supersized” scoring box which makes it easy for anyone to write and keep up with the ball game.

4. Rawlings Deluxe System-17 Baseball & Softball Scorebook


Rawlings Deluxe System-17 Baseball & Softball Scorebook


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When it comes to baseball scorebooks, few are as spacious as the Rawlings Deluxe System. This scorebook measures 11” by 14”, providing a considerable amount of space for all batters. The scorebook has the same niceties as the normal System-17 scorebook yet additional space was added to accommodate clearer game stats and also that many more stats. 

Features include:

  • Straightforward, intuitive design is optimal for new scorekeepers
  • Ideal for both kids and adults
  • Easy to read
  • Measures 0.5” by 11” by 14”
  • Chock-full of additional features and statistical tools
  • Additional writing space for each batter
  • Strong backing board

Give this versatile scorebook a try and you will find it is more than sufficient for baseball or softball scorekeeping. The book accommodates 24 matches, providing 17 3-line batter slots. There is more than enough space to record information pertaining to two replacements. Add in the fact that writing is easier thanks to the formidable back cover and there is even more reason to choose this scorebook.

5. Franklin Sports MLB Baseball/Softball Scorebook


Franklin Sports MLB Baseball/Softball Scorebook


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This 25-game scorebook features lineup sheets for tracking stats, lineups, scores and other detail across more than two dozen games. The design of this notebook is absolutely perfect, providing a clean format with an intuitive layout. Give scoring a try with the Franklin Sports MLB Scorebook and you will agree it really does make the experience that much easier and enjoyable.

Features include:

  • Sheets have enough space for 16 lineup spots so you can keep track of starters and bench players
  • Includes instructions that are easy to follow, making scoring of baseball or softball easy for fans of all age levels
  • Team roster page on the back cover facilitates tracking players and contact information
  • Includes an additional team roster page for tracking player information

The Franklin Sports scorebook for baseball and softball managers and fans makes tracking stats easy and simple. The scorebook’s clean presentation makes it that much easier to accurately quantify your team’s performance throughout the entirety of the season.

6. Glover's Scorebooks Short Form Baseball/Softball Scorebook


Glover's Scorebooks Short Form Baseball/Softball Scorebook


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Providing enough space for 30 games, this scorebook includes all sorts of niceties including detailed instructions. The scorebook is made with an uber-durable ply cover that has no-crush style spiral memory binding.

Additional features include:

  • Batting average chart
  • Dimensions of 15” by 11.75” by 0.5” make it just the right size for baseball enthusiasts of all ages
  • Pitch count in accordance with league tracking requirements
  • Individual pages for pitching stats and batter stats

Glover’s scorebook artfully blends function with form, creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Check out the reviews of this scorebook and you will find it is one of the industry’s best. Start jotting down game notes and you will find the high-quality pages prevent bleeding through to the other side. Above all, this book is widely favored for its considerable space. If you are looking for a scorebook with plenty of room to work with, you won’t have any complaints with Glover’s scorebook.

7. Murray Sporting Goods Baseball/Softball Scorebook


Murray Sporting Goods Baseball/Softball Scorebook


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Are you on the prowl for a baseball scorebook with a single-page format that is perfect for baseball lovers of all age groups?  Murray’s scorebook provides that and plenty more. This scorebook tracks batting, pitching and fielding statistics across a full nine innings. This spiral bound notebook is quite durable, ensuring the scorebook holds up to the rigors of the entire baseball season. 

Features include:

  • Easy to understand scoring instructions makes using the scorebook easy for everyone
  • 35 game capacity
  • 16 player roster capacity
  • Dimensions of 12” by 9” by 0.5”
  • Vertical format with large print for eye comfort
  • Spacious grids
  • Sturdy spiral binding stands the test of time
  • Track your team’s record on the season summary page
  • Makes it easy to stay organized throughout the baseball/softball season

Give this scorebook a chance and you will find it makes it that much easier to enhance your team’s performance through the review of statistics and trends across games. An added bonus is the high-quality materials will keep the book sturdy throughout the entirety of the season, ensuring all of the information you track provides actual utility for your baseball or softball team.

8. C.S. Peterson's Scoremaster Super 16 Baseball/Softball Scorebook


C.S. Peterson's Scoremaster Super 16 Baseball/Softball Scorebook


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Featuring simple scoring instructions, this scorebook accommodates 25 baseball or softball games and 11 batting positions. In short, this is one of the most comprehensive baseball/softball scorebooks on the market. 

Features include:

  • Wire binding
  • Affordable compared to other scorebooks
  • Sheets allow for the tracking of 25 games lasting 12 innings each
  • The durable cover and binding will hold strong in the season ahead
  • Compact design with dimensions of 8.5” by 12” makes it that much easier to bring the scorebook with you to and from the diamond

Conveniently sized and designed with the user squarely in mind, the C.S. Peterson Scoremaster scorebook is clearly one of the best options on the market. There is more than enough space in the book to maintain a full summary of both batting and pitching for a baseball or softball team. If you value portability and simplicity, you will not find a better option than this C.S. Peterson scorebook.

9. Super 16 Baseball/Softball Scorebook


Super 16 Baseball/Softball Scorebook


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This hardback baseball and softball scorebook certainly has mass appeal thanks to its 9” by 12” dimensions. Hold this scorebook in your hands and you will agree it is perfectly sized. The hardback feels perfect in the hands, providing you with the inspiration you need to accurately score upwards of nearly two dozen games. The scorebook has enough space to score 25 games accounting for the players on each team. 

Additional features include:

  • 16 batting positions for each team
  • Substitution slot added for the 16 batting positions
  • Dimensions of 11.97” by 8.54” by 0.39”
  • Pictorial scoring examples on each page makes learning how to score the right way that much easier
  • 12 perforated lineup sheets can be torn out with ease for hanging in the dugout
  • Lineup cards, season summary, team schedule and average chart make scoring fun

Baseball fans, team managers, parents, coaches and injured players alike will genuinely enjoy using this scorebook for stat-keeping during the baseball season. With true cross-generational appeal, this scorebook really is universally pleasing. 

10. Champro Baseball/Softball


Champro Baseball/Softball scorebook


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Your baseball or softball scorebook will take a beating throughout the season. Between rain, wind, humidity, drink spills and beyond, there are plenty of things that will put your scorebook in jeopardy.  In short, the CHAMPRO baseball/softball scorebook sets the stage for you to take accurate stats that reveal accurate insights about the game.

Features include:

  • Scoring sheets accommodate upward of 26 games for comprehensive player performance tracking
  • Heavy duty backing ensures the scorebook will hold strong
  • Dimensions of 12.4” by 9.25” by 0.2”
  • Weight of 9.59 ounces makes the scorebook quite comfy in the hands
  • 18 player spaces per game sheet ensure there is ample room to account for substitutions
  • Includes additional lineup cards and scoring instructions 
  • Even includes instructions that detail how to properly score the game for those who are new to baseball or softball

Use the Champro scorebook this baseball or softball season and you will agree it is one of the best. Featuring convenient tear-off style lineup sheets, this scorebook was clearly designed with the scorekeeper in mind. Give it a try at your baseball or softball games this season and you will be impressed to the point that you just might order a couple more for the seasons ahead.

Buying Guide: Why use a Scorebook?

Using a scorebook while taking in America’s pastime makes the experience that much more detail-oriented and enjoyable. If you have a passion for baseball, numbers or statistics, you will love keeping a scorebook. This is your opportunity to quantify the game of baseball through accurate statistics and records. However, maintaining baseball records on certain scorebooks is significantly easier than others.  In short, no two baseball or softball scorebooks are exactly the same. 

The format, pattern, quality and size of the baseball scorebook are particularly important. Search the web for options and you will find a litany of choices, each with its own unique attributes and shortcomings. Do not commit to a specific scorebook until you are sure it has spacious tables, records a sufficient number of games and has the right player roster size. 

Different Types of Scorebooks

Casual baseball fans and those who are completely unfamiliar with scorebooks often assume they are all the same or at least similar to the point that there is no sense in analyzing each of the many options in-depth. However, once you take a close look at the many different baseball scorebook options available, it becomes increasingly clear that the subtleties of each make a major difference in utility and overarching buyer satisfaction. 

The bottom line is several different baseball scorebook types are necessary simply because there are diverse baseball scorekeeping needs and preferences. The scorebook used for the college world series will not be the same as that used for a weeknight little league baseball game and so on. So take some time to look through the many different options for baseball scorebooks prior to selecting one that you will use for the rest of the season. In the end, the baseball scorebook you select should have the right number of pages for your needs, be specific to the league in question and meet the rest of your nuanced criteria.

Good Qualities to Look for in a Scorebook

The baseball or softball scorebook you select should have the following qualities:

  • Be the proper size
  • Have the right number of pages
  • Record an adequate number of innings, accounting for the potential of extra innings
  • Have high-quality binding
  • Have sufficient player slots 
  • Made with high-quality materials

Your baseball scorebook’s spiral binding quality and the quality of the front/back cover are particularly important. These components should be well-constructed as they will be subjected to considerable stress. Zero in on the spiral’s coil and overarching binding quality. After all, the last thing you want is to struggle while attempting to flip through the scorebook’s pages. 

Ideally, the scorebook you select will have a space to hold the pencil used for keeping score. Pay close attention to the print quality to ensure it provides clearly marked spaces for recording statistics. In terms of size, the scorebook should be compact enough so it is easily portable. When in doubt, focus on ease of use, quality, value and the user experience. 


Flip through a couple different baseball scorebooks before selecting one. Pay attention to how the scorebook feels in your hands. If stat-recording feels comfortable, easy and stress-free, you just might have found the right baseball scorebook. Aesthetics certainly matter yet the utility of the scorebook matters more than anything else. Prioritize function over form and you will be happy with your new baseball scorebook.


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