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Best Softball Slow Pitch Bats for 2023 [Rated]

Jun 22, 2022 1 comment

Top 12 Best Softball Slow Pitch Bats for the 2023 Season Rated + Buyer's Guide! 

Slow pitch softball players know just how important it is to have the right bat. Whether they prefer a center balanced bat or an end balanced version, these bats are designed to elevate players to the top of their game. With so many different weights to choose from, it can be tough to find the very best one for your needs. 

But not to worry - here, we’ll go over twelve of the best slow pitch softball bats and even include some tips that can help you make that crucial decision. Are you ready? Then let’s “swing away” into this crucial discussion.

Top 12 Best Slow Pitch Softball Bats of 2023

Choosing the best slow pitch softball bats can be a bit tricky, due to the many options available. Whether you’re looking for a specific weight, design, or grip, these 12 bats are the best ones out there. Check out their specification to see which one of them will work best for your unique batting style. 

And if you haven't already, be sure to check out our bat size guide for help with picking the right sized bat based on your height, weight and age! 

1. DeMarini Juggy


Buy from JustBats

The DeMarini Juggy is an end-loaded bat that comes in a snappy red and black color combo. The stacked barrel is built with double-walled construction, making the bat sturdy and long-lasting. With a 12-inch-long barrel (the bat is 34 inches overall), and a mid-weight 26 ounces, this bat is everything that you need in order to hit the ball to the fences. The handle is made of a TR3 F.L.O composite, and even better, the entire bat is made in the United States.


  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Made in the United States
  • Weighs 26 ounces
  • Barrel is end loaded and 12 inches long

Designed for power hitters, the DeMarini Juggy is a unisex mid-weight bat that most slow pitch softball players will enjoy. Want an added bonus? Its red and black colors help it stand out on the diamond. 

2. DeMarini Dale Brungardt Signature


Buy from JustBats

Another great bat by DeMarini, the Dale Brungardt Signature is end-loaded, so it’s great for power hitters. The barrel is 12-inches-long, with a two and a quarter inch diameter. Available in a cool silver and blue color combination, this bat has an ASA certification stamp on it, as well as two-piece construction. The continuous fiber barrel is snugly fitted into the alloy handle, allowing for plenty of durability, as well as stiffness. Designed for legendary power hitter Dale Brungardt, you won’t want to use anything else when you get up to bat.


  • Two-piece construction
  • Weighs 26.5 ounces and is 34 inches long in total
  • ASA Certified
  • Designed for Dale Brungardt, now available for power hitters everywhere

If you’re looking for a mid-weight bat with plenty of stiffness and a solid, two-piece construction, then look no further than the DeMarini Dale Brungardt Signature bat.

3. Easton Rival


Buy from JustBats

Available in three different weights, 26 ounces, 27 ounces, and 28 ounces, the Easton Rival bat is equipped with a balanced design. The all-weather grip is cushioned and helps players control their power even during those bursts of rain that aren’t quite enough to stop the game. With an ultra-thin handgrip and a 12-inch barrel length, this bat is just what you need to improve your slow pitch softball game. 


  • Made of both aluminum and ALX 50 alloy
  • Available in weights ranging from 26 to 28 ounces
  • Comfortable, all-weather grip
  • Sturdy two-piece construction

Certified by five different organization, including the WBSC, the USA, and the NSA, this slow pitch softball bat provides plenty of power and speed, helping you send that ball in the upper decks. 

4. Miken Freak Primo


Buy from JustBats

Another bat that comes in an array of configurations, the Miken Freak Primo is made of a composite material that makes hitting the ball as easy as possible. Designed with Miken’s Tetra-Core technology, which uses an inner core tube that provides plenty of compression and force, the bat also uses the brand’s Sensi-Flex, which keeps the pressure from your hit from radiating up your arms. Available in 34-inch lengths and three different weights: 26 ounces, 27 ounces, and 28 ounces, you’re sure to find just the right version.


  • Made of carbon fiber
  • Comes with one year manufacturer warranty
  • Leather, non-insulated, size ten grip
  • Well-balanced 

If you want a well-balanced bat that’s approved by the ASA and the USA, then this is a great option. The variety of weights allows you to choose the very best one that will help you hit it out of the park. 

5. AXE Bats Avenge Blackout


Buy from Amazon

A sleek, carbon fiber bat available in both 26 ounce and 27-ounce weights, the AXE Bats Avenge Blackout is one that all of your opponents will remember. Available in a classic metallic blue and yellow combo, the bat is 34 inches long and comes end loaded, which makes it great for power hitters. The bat is designed to have a HyperWhip end cap, which keeps it from becoming too top heavy, and a Vibration Canceling System that ensures that you remain comfortable even after hitting the ball with everything you’ve got.


  • Handle is designed to help players whip the bat around quickly
  • Special ergonomic design
  • Available in two different weights
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty

If you want a bat that will help you stand out both on and off the field, the well-designed AXE Bats Avenge Blackout is the model that you’ve been looking for. Providing both power and style, this slow pitch softball bat is a showstopper.

6. Miken DC-41 SuperMax


Buy from Amazon

Want to intimidate your opponents? The Miken DC-41 SuperMax will do just that! The geometric designs on the barrel and handle, consisting of two sets of chevrons and a star, have a patriotic look that will stop the opposing team in its track. Performance wise? This bat is stellar. The 14-inch barrel is two a quarter inches in diameter, and the whole bat is made of composite fibers, making it both strong and light at the same time.


  • Licensed for use by the NSA, ISA, and USSSA
  • Available in three weights – 26, 27, and 28 ounces
  • Comfort soft grip
  • End-loaded weight great for power hitters

Show off your skills to the opposing team with this lightweight and fierce-looking bat. Licensed for use by three different softball organizations, if you choose the Miken DC-41 SuperMax, you’ll be at the top of your game. 

7. DeMarini Nautalai


Buy from JustBats

Those in search of a lighter bat will love the DeMarini Nautalai. Although it comes in a 26-ounce weight, standard for those who play slow pitch softball, it’s also available in a 25-ounce option. Believe it or not, that single ounce can make an enormous difference. The bat is only slightly end loaded, with a strong mid-weight component, making it good for those non-power hitters who also want to get on base. With a 13-inch barrel and slightly smaller diameter than the others, this bat is great for players who need something a little different in order to hit like a superstar.


  • Made of continuous fiber barrel composite
  • Slightly, not fully, end loaded
  • Comes in 25- and 26-ounce weights
  • 13-inch barrel that flexes slightly when it hits the ball

Available in a combination of bright blue, gray, and white, the DeMarini Nautalai is a great mid-weight bat designed specifically for slow pitch softball. The longer barrel and smaller diameter make it easy to use. 

8. Easton Rebel


Buy from Amazon

Not only does the Easton Rebel come in a red and black color combination featuring geometric designs, making it a standout on the diamond, but it’s also a bit shorter than some of the other models. The Easton Rebel comes in three different configurations: 33 inches long and 26 ounces in weight, 34 inches long and 28 ounces in weight, and 34 inches long and 30 ounces in weight. With all of these options, you should have no problem finding the right bat.


  • Made of military grade aluminum alloy
  • Certified for play in five different leagues, including the ISA, ISF, and USA
  • Handle is cushioned and ultra-thin
  • End loaded for plenty of power 

A standout bat both on and off the field, the Easton Rebel comes in three different configurations, one of which is a bit heavier than the other options on this list. The lightweight barrel helps you move quickly when you’re up to bat, providing you with plenty of power.

9. Easton Resmondo


Buy from JustBats

This two-piece bat is made of both carbon fiber and composite. Available in your choice of weights, including 25.5 ounces, 26.5 ounces, and 27.5 ounces, all in a standard 34-inch length. The end loaded barrel is 12.75 inches long and is designed to help you hit the ball out of the park. Thanks to the cool orange and light blue color combination, this bat will give you all of the power and prestige that you need.


  • CNX Max two-piece design
  • Designed to eliminate vibrations upon hitting the ball
  • Consists of Easton’s special Fireplex Barrel Technology
  • Certified by the NSA, ISA, and USSSA

Between the interesting color combination and the two-piece design, the Easton Resmodo Fire Flex is a very impressive bat. There are three different weight options, all of which come in a single length: 34 inches, and with an end loaded power barrel. 

10. Easton Fire Flex IV


Buy from Amazon

Consisting of a single piece design, the Easton Fire Flex IV is for hitters who want to get a little more feeling when they hit the ball while up at bat. Made of carbon fiber with Ultra Elongated Fibers (UEF), the bat comes in one length, 34 inches, and two different weights, 27 ounces and 28 ounces. The triple walled design is sturdy, and the weight has been optimized to help players do their best on the diamond.


  • Comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made of a single piece of carbon fiber
  • Designed to be incredibly durable
  • Two different weight options

If you want a one-piece bat that will help improve your performance on the field, look no further than the Easton Fire Flex IV.

11. Worth Mach 1 Cobra Jet 428


Buy from JustBats

Designed with a sweet spot that’s been extended, the Worth Mach 1 Cobra Jet 428 will help any slow pitch softball player make the most of their skills. This bat has a 13.5-inch-long barrel, as well as a 28-ounce weight. The end cap has a mere half-ounce weight, making the Worth Mach 1 Cobra Jet more center balanced than top balanced, great for a mid-level player.


  • Comes with a 13.5-inch-long barrel
  • Available in only a 28-ounce weight
  • Sleek modern design that lives up to its name
  • Approved for all USSSA leagues

This shiny and stylish slow pitch softball bat comes in a snappy blue and black color combination that’s sure to strike fear in the hearts of your opponents.

12. Easton Ghost Salvo


Buy from Amazon

For people who want a single piece bat that consists of a lightweight composite material, the Easton Ghost Salvo is the best option. Want to hit the ball so quickly out of the park that people will think they’ve seen a “ghost?” Well, this bat lives up its name! The barrel is 13.5 inches long and 2.25 inches in diameter, and it comes in a combination of yellow, black, and blue that helps it stand out.


  • Certified by the USSSA and the ASA
  • Weighs 26 ounces
  • Measures 34 inches long, including barrel
  • Single piece construction

Standing out on the field is easy, thanks to the Eastern Ghost Salvo. This mid-weight bat consists of a single piece of carbon fiber, and it’s light enough to help you raise your batting average. 

How to Pick the Right Softball Slow Pitch Bat - Buying Guide

And there you have it! Now that you know which slow pitch bats make the top 12 list, it’s time to think about how to choose the right one to purchase to elevate your hitting game. There are quite a few differences between the bats on our list, ranging from weights to barrel lengths and diameters.

Do you need an end-loaded bat or a mid-weight one? What about a bat made of one single piece versus one that consists of two? Interested in learning how to make that crucial decision? Our buying guide contains all of the tips that you need. Consider these factors before choosing your next “bat bestie”: 

  • Physically Handle the Bat – Start by taking some practice swings to check that the weight and balance feel comfortable in your hands. If you plan to buy your bat online, examine a similar one in person. 
  • Know Your Hitting Style – Do you swing quickly and aim for the fences? Then an end-loaded bat (which has the weight at the end) will work best. Have a slower swing? Look for a middle-weighted bat. 
  • Consider Your Preferences – Some people like to feel the bat connecting with the ball. If this is the case, then a one-piece bat may be your best option. On the other hand, if you don’t want those reverberating feelings, then choose a two-piece bat. 
  • Check the Weight and Length – Your overall physical size and strength play a role in helping you choose a bat. You want one that’s both light and short enough to handle. One that’s too big and heavy will make batting difficult. It may take some trial and error to find the right weight and size. 

How to Choose Your Slow Pitch Softball Bat - Size, Weight, Material and More!

In general, all slow pitch softball bats have a few things in common. For example, they have a diameter that’s around two and a quarter inches, and they tend to be 34 inches long, including the barrel. Weights range from 25 ounces to 30 ounces, and these bats are made of composite materials, not the classic wood that you’ll find on a pro baseball field.

Picking the Right Sized Bat for your Height, Weight & Age

This part can be difficult, as height, weight and age can vary so much from league to league. Lucky for you we created some general guidelines on the right softball bat size with this easy to read chart.

Or, take a look at our full article on bat size for more information on bat size recommendations for baseball and softball! 

Swing Speed and Center of Balance

Once you get past the main specifications, it’s time to look at the many options that these bats come in. Depending on your swing speed, you’ll need either an end-loaded or middle weighted bat.

Players who have a quick swing speed and want to hit those home runs will benefit from an end-loaded bat, while those who have a slower swing and aim more to get onto base will find that a middle-balanced bat is their best match.

One vs Two-Piece Bats

Slow pitch softball bats also come in either one piece or two pieces. Since the ball isn’t hit as hard in slow pitch softball, it’s up to you which you prefer.

best softball slow pitch bats - one vs two piece bats

A two-piece bat usually comes with some additional dampening on the grip, so you’re less likely to feel a hit travel down your arms in a shockwave. However, some like the overall feel of the ball and hit, so they find that a single piece design is more their style.

Overall Bat Weights

As far as weights are concerned, taller and heavier players usually benefit from heavier bats. Those that range from 28 to 30 ounces often work best.

Smaller and shorter players will find those bats a bit too heavy, so they gravitate towards the lower weighted ones, like those ranging from 25 ounces to 27 ounces. Although this seems like a very small difference, you’d be surprised. 

Material Options

Most slow pitch softball bats are made of a composite material that includes carbon fiber. This high-tech material is often patented by the manufacturer of the bat, so you’ll find plenty with fancy names, like Ultra Elongated Fibers and Tetra-Core Technology, although some bats are still made of good old-fashioned aluminum.

Slow Pitch vs Fast Pitch Bats

Due to the differences in game play, slow pitch bats tend to be heavier than fast pitch bats. This is because slow pitch players have more time to choose whether or not to hit the ball, not to mention they can choose where the ball lands on the bat itself. Fast pitch bats are lighter in weight, and are often referred to by their drop weight, which is the weight when the bat is dropped on the ground after a hit. 

For more info on fastpitch softball bats, be sure to read our article on the top 10 best softball fastpitch bats here! 

Final Words

These slow pitch bats may seem like they have a lot in common with each other, but there are enough differences, like weights and balance, which make it necessary to do your research before making a purchase.

Whether you need a softball bat to improve your hitting, or a softball pitching mat to improve your pitching, we have you covered!


Amanda DiSilvestro

Kevin King

Kevin King is the founder of Anytime Baseball a Dodger fan and a lover of all things baseball.

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