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Top 10 Best Batting Tees of the 2023 Season

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Top 10 Best Batting Tees - The Complete Buyer's Guide

Provide the youth baseball player in your family with a baseball tee and his or her swing will significantly improve surprisingly fast. Batting tees empower youth baseball players and even adult players to focus on their swing’s form and technique, ultimately setting the stage for success in the batter’s box.  

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However, no two baseball tees are made exactly the same. Some baseball tees are well-made while others are constructed with cheap materials. Furthermore, baseball baseball tees have unique features and merits as detailed below. Some telescope to extensive heights while others are comparably limited. In fact, there are even baseball batting tees on the market that suspend balls in mid-air by shooting a stream of air upward. Other batting tees collapse with ease, some have “grip and go” style handles and other nuanced features.

Let’s take a look at the top baseball tees along with some honorable mentions and also delve into what you should think about when shopping for a new batting tee.

The Top 10 Batting Tees 

1. Tanner Heavy Baseball Baseball Tee


Tanner Heavy batting tee


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Tanner Tee is not the most popular batting tee brand, yet its Heavy model is revered by beginning and veteran baseball/softball players alike. Though this baseball batting tee looks a bit different than others, it functions without flaw and that is what matters the most.  In short, the Tanner Heavy’s unique design corrects the flaws inherent in so many other baseball tees.   

Tanner Heavy batting tee features:

  • Stem telescopes to alter ball height with ease
  • Enhanced durability thanks to high quality materials and an improved design
  • Weather resistant properties ensure the batting tee holds strong for many seasons to come
  • 10 pound base ensures the tee does not “walk” away from you with successive swings in which the bat makes contact with the tee cup/tip
  • Stem is interchangeable for enhanced flexibility
  • Compatible with all Tanner Tee stems sold after 2010
  • Quickly unscrew the tee’s stem and toss it in your bag for superior portability


Opt for the Tanner Heavy batting tee and you will be empowered to use it either on flat ground or at home plate, presenting the opportunity to simulate pitch placement across the entirety of the strike zone.  This is your opportunity to view home plate as you swing. 


2. Jugs T Pro Style Baseball Batting Tee


Jugs T Pro Style batting tee


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This baseball batting tee is designed to prevent tipping over that proves frustrating and time consuming. The top of the batting tee is comprised of rubber that will not damage your bat even after thousands of swings. Opt for the Jugs T Pro Style batting tee and you will rest easy knowing your tee will stand the test of time. Purchase with confidence, as Jugs is one of the top names in the business! 

Jugs T Pro Style batting tee features:

  • Guaranteed 1-year warranty provides important peace of mind 
  • Durable steel base covered with rubber measures 11” x 14” x 1/4”
  • Built-in Grip-n-Go style handle to facilitate carrying the batting tee to and from the car as well as the baseball and softball diamond
  • Can be adjusted for low and high tee drills ranging from 45” down to 24”
  • Patented interlocking bolt design stops the upper stem from slipping while swinging with all your might
  • The tee folds into itself, enhancing portability to and from the diamond 


3. The "G Tee" Baseball Tee


G Tee batting tee


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Baseball and softball players alike agree the G tee is nearly flawless in all regards.  While many other baseball batting tees have rubber tips or cups that have the potential to break down over time, the G Tee’s rubber tip is built with durability in mind.  You can hit thousands of baseballs off this durable baseball tee and it will still function to perfection years or possibly even decades into the future.  In fact, your G Tee will likely look exactly the same as it did when taken out of the box even after a year or two of heavy use. 

G Tee Baseball Tee Features: 

  • Superior durability
  • Sliding pin collapses the tee to facilitate transportation
  • Includes a notch to accommodate a 5-pound barbell weight for added stability
  • Body telescopes to permit hitting balls lower and higher in the strike zone as opposed to strictly those that are down the center of the plate
  • Rises higher than most other telescoping tees, ensuring tall players and those who want to hit pitches elevated in the strike zone can do so with ease
  • Suitable for baseball players of all ages and heights


4. Jugs 5 Point Baseball Tee 


Jugs 5 Point Tee batting tee


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Though most of the top baseball tees are not of the 5 point variety, this one is certainly deserving of a place on the list.  The Jugs 5 Point baseball tee is built with two distinct tubes with unique heights.  If you are searching for a batting tee that provides the opportunity to hit diverse pitching styles and baseballs or softballs in a variety of positions within the strike zone, look no further than the Jugs 5 Point baseball tee.  

The Top Features of the Jugs 5 Point Baseball Batting Tee Include:

  • Easily breaks down to permit transport into the car and onto the baseball or softball diamond
  • Built to endure powerful swings year after year
  • Sold with a 20 page drill book to help you perfect the fundamentals of the swinging motion
  • Built with heavy duty rubber that takes a beating and holds strong across posterity
  • Dimensions of 12.3 x 18.9 x 4.7
  • Light weight of less than 20 pounds
  • Multiple adjustable extension tubes
  • Makes it easy to correct your swing’s imperfections 
  • Can be set up or taken down in a couple minutes or less
  • Built-in handle enhances portability to and from your vehicle as well as the baseball and softball diamonds


5. Atec T3 Baseball Tee


Atec T3 batting tee


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The Atec T3 is a well-built baseball tee. In fact, those in the industry who know the ins and outs of baseball tees are drawing comparisons between the Atec T3 and the Tanner Heavy model detailed above. Atec’s engineers designed this world-class tee with top-notch materials that reduce swing interference while simultaneously enhancing the zone of contact.  

The Atec T3 Hitting Tee Features Include:

  • High-density base that optimizes stabilization even when a powerful swing makes contact with the baseball tee cup
  • Built to easily accommodate tee weights if desired for additional stability 
  • Non-mechanical design has mass appeal for baseball and softball players of all ages and experience levels
  • Built for both baseball and softball players 
  • Minimal resistance at the point of contact, reducing the chances of injury as well as damage to the batting tee’s cup
  • Weighs under 9 pounds to facilitate transportation to and from the diamond 
  • Dimensions of 25.5” x 5.5” x 7”
  • Aluminum and heavy-duty steel base built to last
  • Quickly adjust baseball/softball height with the telescopic design for unparalleled efficiency


6. The PV Tee


PV Tee by ProMounds batting tee


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The PV Tee baseball tee is popular to the point that minor league and major league teams use it at their facilities, so we figured we would add it in to our list here.  This batting tee’s merits include but are not limited to:

  • Stem designed to pull away from the base to facilitate transportation
  • Weighted base so there is no need to tack on additional weights for stability
  • Pivot joint has superior flexibility, ensuring the tee returns to the upright position 
  • Neck telescopes for adjustment between 47" and 27"


7. MacGregor Hitting Tee


MacGregor Batting Tee


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Those who know baseball and softball inside and out agree MacGregor is one of the industry’s top names. The MacGregor baseball tee is economical, well-designed and sturdier than most other batting tees on the market. 

Features of this Baseball Tee Include:

  • Holds steady even after thousands of swings
  • Portable design facilitates transporting the batting tee to and from the diamond with ease 
  • Quick adjustment makes it easy for players of varying ages and heights to use the tee
  • Solid metal base ensures stability 
  • One year warranty
  • Adjustable hitting height lets you strike baseballs between 37” and 22”
  • Made of durable rubber
  • Can be used for T-ball, baseball or softball
  • All-weather design means you can use it in the rain or other inclement weather


8. Franklin Sports Baseball Tees


Franklin Sports Batting Tee


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If you are on the prowl for a flexible batting tee, look no further than this one.  The Franklin Sports batting tee takes a beating and still remains upright without exception. 

This Baseball Tees Features Include:

  • Adjustable range between 27” and 37”
  • Breaks down with ease for easy transportation from your basement/garage to your car, to the diamond and elsewhere 
  • Accommodates tee-ball, baseball and softball players
  • Built with durable fiberglass aluminum to stand the test of time
  • Twist and lock adjustment system is easy to figure out, even for youth players who lack a sophisticated mechanical aptitude 
  • Solid, weighted base built to stand the test of time
  • Hybrid calcium carbonate system ensures the tee remains in place at all times, even after a series of powerful swings 
  • Cup made of thick yet flexible rubber


9. Powernet and Baseball Tee Bundle


Powernet and  Batting Tee Bundle


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Those searching for a batting tee and net bundle will be more than happy with this combination made by Powernet.  This comprehensive package sets the stage for you to reach your true potential as a hitter in as little time as possible.  The bundle is highlighted by:

  • A net complete with a canvas carrying bag
  • Foldable tripod tee design
  • Your choice of 10 colors, one of which is sure to match your team’s hues
  • Both the tee and net are built for indoor and outdoor use


10. SKLZ Hit a Way Baseball Tee


SKLZ Hit a Way Trainer Tee


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Made for baseball and softball players age 7 and older, this tee is easy to use and solidly built.  The tee is designed with a tethered ball that simulates actual pitches on the baseball diamond.  Additional features of the SKLZ Hit a Way Trainer Tee include:

  • Collapsible design for easy portability
  • Suitable for left-handed and right-handed batters
  • Height adjustable ball level
  • Can be set up in mere seconds
  • Built for both indoor and outdoor use


Honorable Mentions 

SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 

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SKLZ is quickly emerging as one of the top batting tee makers in the business.  The company’s SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 batting tee is also considered an advanced swing trainer.  Whether you want to hit baseballs or softballs, you will love the SKLZ Hurricane Category 4.  The batting tee’s features include:

  • Height adjustable ball placement replicates both low and high pitches in the strike zone
  • Four power bands boost or reduce tension as desired
  • Yellow color reinforces the mantra of “See the ball, hit the ball!”

Hit Zone Jr. Baseball Tee

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Successful baseball and softball players agree the Hit Zone Jr. is one of the more intriguing baseball tees on the market.  This tee is built with stability in mind yet does not prove resistant when the bat makes contact with the ball, ensuring a seamless hitting motion without the prospect of an injury.  This is accomplished with the use of air suspending the ball in mid-air rather than resting the ball on a tip/cup.  This tee is particularly helpful for younger batters as it facilitates keeping one’s eye on the ball and connecting with the sweet spot.

Features of the Hit Zone Jr. batting tee include:

  • Air-powered design to replicate real baseball/softball pitches in the strike zone
  • Built with a fabric sleeve that provides air, assuring you won't have to replace a cup/tip suitable for even the youngest of baseball/softball players 
  • Can be set up with ease at home or on the diamond 
  • Comes with a dozen training balls so you can jump right into the action


Why You Need a Batting Tee

Ask any baseball or softball player who has enjoyed success in the batter’s box in real games about the importance of a batting tee and you will be inundated with praise for these practice aids. Running batting tee drills is are essential to success in the context of improving your swing and performance at the plate.  Baseball tees benefit beginning baseball/softball players, those at the intermediate level and even the professionals.  

Though most people don’t know it, nearly every MLB baseball player still does batting tee drills during batting practice sessions.  Part of the appeal of batting tees is they provide an opportunity to take numerous swings as quickly or slowly as desired.  Work on your form when hitting off a tee, place one ball on the tee tip/cup after another and it won’t be long until your swing improves.  Furthermore, you don’t need anyone’s assistance to hit off a tee.  Your batting practice can take place in your backyard or even a basement or garage with netting.  

Continue to use your batting tee and you will gain much more strength with each successive swing.  This is your opportunity to perfect your swing form and build muscle memory that benefits you in actual game situations.  Continue working on your swing and you will learn how to hit baseballs and softballs at unique contact points, upping your game to the next level faster than would otherwise be possible.  In fact, the best hitting tees can even be positioned at various parts of the plate and also at unique height levels so you can practice hitting pitches at different locations within the strike zone.

What Makes a Good Baseball Tee 

Though most batting tees look fairly similar, the truth is they have substantial differences. Consider factors aside from the price before moving forward with a purchase. The best hitting tees are durable, require minimal maintenance, will not damage your bat, do not conceal any part of the baseball, do not cause injury and do not interfere with the swinging motion.  

Furthermore, it is in your interest to consider the batting tee’s brand name, stability, whether it is height adjustable, portability (or lack thereof) and warranty before forking over your hard-earned money. Let’s take a closer look at these key considerations to help you choose the perfect new batting tee. 

Batting Tee Quality and Durability 

The batting tee’s quality and durability are of the utmost importance.  If the tee will be used by one or several youth baseball/softball players in your family, its craftsmanship and durability are particularly important as younger players tend to overswing when hitting off a tee.  

If the batting tee is cheap, repeated blows will gradually wear it down to the point that it no longer functions.  So be mindful of the material quality.  Rubber is one of the optimal batting tee materials.  In fact, some batting tees even have waterproof materials along the stem.

Overall Design and Construction of your Batting Tee

The batting tee’s base should be designed in a manner that allows it to hold the stem and cup in a steady and reliable manner, even when the ball is contacted with a high-velocity swing.  The tee should be constructed so that it stays on the dirt even when a powerful swing is unleashed.  Above all, the batting tee’s design should not hinder the swinging motion in any way.  Certain tees are designed with additional weight along the base to keep the unit in place even after a lengthy hitting session.  However, some batting tees on the market lack this enhanced stability and ultimately end up tipping over. 

Batting Tee Portability 

Most people who purchase batting tees do not keep them in the basement or garage.  The majority of batting tees are transported to baseball diamonds, fields and other places.  If the tee is designed with a large height or excessive weight, it will prove difficult to transport.

In short, you are looking for the happy medium between portability and quality.  A tee made of light materials will prove easier to transport.  Furthermore, some tees are constructed as collapsible tripods.  Just make sure the portable tee you select is not light to the point that it tips with ease after the impact of a powerful swing.

Different Types of Batting Tee Tips

Batting tee tips/cups receive tons of high-velocity contact from powerful baseball and softball bats.  Therefore, these tips/cups should be made with high-quality materials.  The last thing you want is to have to raise a batting tee that has tipped over time and time again during your swinging session.  

Opt for a “pro” or “heavy” model that has a solid base and you won’t have to worry so much about tipping. The best batting tees are built with an anti-tip design, highlighted by a comparably heavy base.  Though the additional heft sacrifices portability, it is worth it.  

Above all, the holding cup should not have any resistance to the ball.  Such resistance will preclude you or your little one from mastering the art of the baseball/softball swing.  Batting tee designers have gone as far as reducing tee cup resistance levels, creating the sense that the baseball/softball was pitched naturally.  When in doubt, opt for a flexible rubber tee tip that allows you to truly feel the baseball/softball at the point of contact as opposed to the tee itself. 

Does Brand Name Matter? 

All sorts of reputable brands and manufacturers make batting tees.  As a rule of thumb, if you you’ve never heard of the brand name of the batting tee you are purchasing, just make sure they have a solid warranty and some decent product reviews. Some of the top brands are Tanner, Schutt, Jugs, Easton, McGregor and ATEC.

Additional Batting Tee Features to Look out for

Adjustability is particularly important.  The batting tee should be adjusted in a manner that permits the tip/cup to be moved so the baseball/softball can be hit at all different heights within the strike zone.  When in doubt, opt for a batting tee that has an adjustable tube length.  This adjustment range should be expansive to cover the entirety of the strike zone.  Furthermore, it should not be difficult to alter the height as desired.  After all, some pitches will be high while others will be low.  If the tee cannot be adjusted to reflect these varying pitch heights or if it is difficult to make such an adjustment, the tee will prove to be disappointing.  

The base design is also particularly important.  Batting tees are typically made with either a solid base or a tri-pod base.  Above all, the tee base should be designed in a manner that ensures it remains upright after contact is made.  If the base is weak or if the tee has an abundance of flex, you will waste time picking it up and setting it back up over and over again.

What’s the Difference between Batting Tees to Swing Trainers?

While batting tees hold baseballs and softballs on top a cup or a tip, swing trainers are a bit more complex.  Swing trainers are built to hold baseballs and softballs at varying positions, sometimes securing them from over the top or the side as opposed to from below as occurs with batting tees.  Some swing trainers even have the potential to morph into dynamic moving targets.  

Final words 

Perform your due diligence before committing to one specific batting tee.  Print out this batting tee buying guide so you can access it with ease while shopping, read reviews, ask fellow baseball/softball players and coaches for recommendations and do not let price be a deal-breaker. 

Do your homework, carefully consider the merits of batting tees and you are certain to find one that suits your unique criteria, ultimately helping you or the youth baseball player in your family become a better hitter. If you've found the right batting tee and you're looking for other ways to improve your kids overall baseball performance, check out our baseball training aid guide here


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