Top 10 Best Swing Analyzers For This Upcoming Season

Top 10 Best Swing Analyzers For This Upcoming Season

The Best Baseball and Softball Swing Analyzers


Swing analyzers, also referred to as swing trainers, just might be exactly what you need to reach your true potential at the plate. Whether you play baseball or softball, you can benefit from a bat swing analyzer. Some such analyzers can even perform double duty as golf clubhead analyzers. However, some people are unaware that baseball swing analyzers even exist. Rewind time a couple decades ago and no such devices were on the market. Others simply assume these devices are outrageously expensive and do not seriously consider them. 

The truth is there are some baseball and softball swing analyzers are priced within reason. More importantly, there are plenty of swing analyzers on the market that take accurate swing measurements and improve swing power and contact. Give a swing analyzer a try, continue to improve your swing based on its feedback and you just might find your batting average and also your power at the plate trend upward. 

Though there is no guarantee a swing analyzer will transform your performance at the plate, most of those who use devices insist they are highly effective. Without further ado, let’s delve into some of the best baseball and softball swing analyzers on the market.

The Top Swing Analyzers

1. Blast Baseball 360


Blast Baseball 360 swing analyzer with box packaging


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The masterminds behind this swing analyzer insist it is the top analyzer in all of baseball. Hitters who want to enhance their power as well as their contact rate will find the Blast Baseball 360 really does help a great deal. The Blast represents your opportunity to enhance your baseball swing in your own backyard in between baseball practices and games. 

Features include:

  • Automatic assessment of every single swing
  • Both drills and insights are provided after swinging sessions for hitter improvement
  • The Blast even has a “Training Center” section of its app that provides tips from hitting gurus
  • Parents can set goals for play levels and track their youngster’s progress
  • Videos are automatically edited to specifically highlight your swings
  • Wireless charger along with a charger cable and translucent attachment are included

The Blast also features smart video capture in which you can record and even clip together video frames in slow motion for an in-depth analysis of your swing. Metrics are overlaid on the visual replay of your swing so you can better understand what you need to tweak or otherwise alter to improve your swing.

2. Diamond SwingTracker


Diamond SwingTracker Analyzer with smartphone


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Whether you play baseball or softball, you can benefit from the Diamond SwingTracker. This nifty little device provides real-time swing data along with comparisons to other swings in the Diamond nationwide database. This database contains information from baseball hitters 8U all the way through the professional ranks so you can get a better sense of how your unique swing metrics stack up with others at various levels of play.

Features include:

  • Dedicated app specific to the swing analyzer functional on iPhones and iPads
  • Provides in-depth 3D analysis of the swinge plane and path
  • Video capture mode syncs up with swing metrics selected by the hitter
  • Purchase opens up a free two-week subscription to Diamond’s Premium Hitter service that compares two swings atop one another or side by side in 3D
  • In-app live support chat available seven days per week
  • Join Groups and compete with others on the leaderboards
  • Swing analysis in four core metrics

Though it is a bit disappointing that this swing analyzer is only compatible with Apple devices, it is still worth considering. The SwingTracker’s sensory memory stores nearly 130 swings when the mobile device is not stationed nearby. The analyzer even has dedicated apps for softball swings and baseball swings. 

3. Swingrail Baseball and Softball Swing Trainer


Swingrail Baseball and Softball Swing Trainer Analyzer


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If you prefer a straightforward means of improving your baseball swing, Swingrail’s analyzer is worthy of your attention. Centered on helping players feel their swing exactly the right way, the Swingrail analyzer really does make it easier for hitters to develop the optimal muscle memory. 

Features include:

  • Corrects half a dozen common mistakes at the plate
  • Immediate feedback in real-time
  • Notifies you when your swing is incorrect
  • Breakaway style guide strap
  • 15 web-based instructional videos including a training program
  • Can be used for swing practice in all places and types including tee work, front toss and dry swings
  • Prevents bat drag while improving bat plane
  • Remedies dropping of the hands

Do some research on this swing analyzer and you will find it is used by more than a quarter-million baseball players between the little league level and the pros. This analyzer won the Collegiate Baseball Best of Show honor at the ABCA convention.

4. NetPlayz Baseball Radars, Speed Sensors Training Equipment



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Baseball technology has advanced to the point that swing analyzers now function similar to radar. The Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar swing analyzer provides accurate data for both baseball bats and golf clubs.

Features include:

  • Positioned less than a foot from the baseball tee
  • Can be suspended in a hitting net or batting cage
  • Transmission level within suggested safety levels and FCC requirements
  • Gauges bat speed or even a golf clubhead’s speed between extremes of 200 miles per hour and 20 miles per hour

All you need is a couple AA batteries to use the Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar analyzer. Whether you are a baseball player, the parent of a baseball player or a coach, you will be more than happy with the ease of use and accuracy of this swing analyzer.

5. Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar


Zepp Baseball-Softball 2 with smartphone


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This speed analyzer is designed for golfers, but it can also be used to analyze the speed of your baseball swing. It measures speed just like other analyzers, but it also comes with a tempo timer that can help hitters better time their swings to make contact. The Swing Speed Radar can measure from 40-200 mph, so it can be used for youth players and adults.

Features include:

  • Measures swing speed and tempo time
  • Can be used for golf, baseball, and softball
  • Tempo time feature can be used to measure bat speed
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

This analyzer may be marketed as a golf swing speed analyzer, but it has all the features needed to make it a great bat speed analyzer. It’s light and easy to carry, so you’ll be able to use this analyzer wherever you need to.

6. Garmin Impact Bat Swing Sensor


Garmin Impact Bat Swing Sensor Analyzer


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This baseball bat swing sensor is loaded with high-tech goodies that you are going to love. The analyzer can also be used by softball players and coaches looking for assistance in shaping the optimal swing. From boosting hand speed to improving bat position and enhancing power, the analyzer helps with a little bit of everything.

Features include:

  • Instant feedback that displays swing metrics after every swing
  • Measures attack angle, elevation angle, time to impact, hand speed and bat speed
  • Coaching drills and tips are provided after every three swings

The Garmin Impact Bat Swing Sensor also has a handy app that provides advice from professional hitting coaches. This app is available for free after you purchase the analyzer. Use the app with a compatible smartphone and you will find its swing analysis including three-dimensional swing path visualization really does make it easier to rake at the dish.

7. Swing-OPS Speedsensor


Swing-OPS Speedsensor swing analyzer


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When it comes to precision baseball swing measurement systems, few compare to the Speedsensor. This high-tech little device records and measures bat speed, bat path, tightness and swing power with elite accuracy.

Features include:

  • App is available at no cost for those who use iPhones
  • Highly detailed swing analysis
  • Battery life lasts for an impressive 20,000 swings and no recharging is necessary
  • The analyzer’s LCD display shows the bat speed after each swing

Part of what makes this analyzer so unique is that it calibrates to the bat’s center of gravity to boost bat power and bat speed measurement accuracy. The device’s Bluetooth wirelessly connects to the user’s iPhone for unparalleled swing measurement precision. The analyzer also functions in standalone mode, meaning upwards of 50 swings can be recorded for subsequent upload.

8. Big League Edge VPX Baseball Training Harness


Big League Edge VPX Baseball Training Harness worn by players


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If you are on the prowl for a swing trainer used by professional baseball teams and college teams, you have found it in the VPX baseball training harness. This device makes it easy to learn how to maximize your velocity and power at the plate. 

Take a look at the stats in this item’s description and you will find it boosts hitter hand speed between 4 miles per hour and 6 miles per hour, ultimately enhancing launch angles and exit velocities within a couple weeks. The harness also makes it easier to cover the entirety of the plate and swing with the utmost efficiency. All of the feedback can be accessed directly through your phone or your computer. 

Though this harness was designed with professional and college baseball players in mind, players of all ages and experience levels are using it. This harness makes it that much easier to improve your hitting as well as your pitching, regardless of whether you are an aspiring pro ball player, playing in high school or at another level.

Features include:

  • Sensory feedback provided through pro bands
  • Easy setup and use thanks to informative tutorials
  • Can be used by hitters and pitchers
  • Comes with more than 100 tutorial videos and drills

If you are bit hesitant to choose a harness over an actual baseball bat sensor, we understand your reluctance. However, the Big League VPX Baseball Harness provides helpful sensory feedback with every single rep. This is exactly what you need to pinpoint mechanical problems and improve your swinging or throwing motion with both positive feedback and negative feedback. Whether your issue is premature hip rotation, dipping, pulling at the front side, lunging, drifting, arm dragging or incorrect load, this device will help you pinpoint the exact problem and implement the corrective action right away. The negative sensory feedback zeroes in on the mechanical issue that is the underlying problem. Continue perfecting your swing until the harness does not provide resistance through the bungee and you will have achieved the optimal movement efficiency, meaning your swing or pitch delivery will be as fast and efficient as possible.

9. Line Drive Pro Baseball & Softball Batting Swing Trainer


Line Drive Pro Batting Swing Trainer for baseball and softball


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This swing trainer for baseball and softball helps players learn the feel of the ideal bat swing path through the strike zone. This is accomplished with informative visual feedback. Designed to eliminate casting, this swing analyzer helps hitters remain inside the baseball. Continue to use the Line Drive Pro Baseball Batting Swing Trainer and you will find it really does make it easier to develop muscle memory for power at the plate, ensuring you understand what it truly feels like to keep the bat barrel in the strike zone all the way through the point of impact.

Features include:

  • Fits bats of all sizes
  • Suitable for baseball players of all skill levels and ages
  • Displays ball trajectory so the hitter truly understands bat and swing physics
  • Makes it easy to implement visual corrections
  • Corrects common swing flaws
  • Improves trajectory along with attack angles

Give the Line Drive Pro Baseball Batting Swing Trainer a try and you will find it is easy to use and provides accurate feedback that helps you improve your performance at the dish. The analyzer is a small and light plastic cup-like object that connects to baseball and softball bats of all types and sizes in mere seconds. The analyzer essentially corrects hitters’ swings until they move their bats through the strike zone just right to launch baseballs at the optimal angles. The analyzer’s design has been patented so no other competitors can copy it. 

An added bonus is the fact that the Line Drive Pro Baseball Batting Swing Trainer includes some extras including a mesh bag with Velcro straps and three practice balls. It must be noted this swing analyzer is not to be used with actual baseballs or softballs. Use the practice balls provided with the analyzer and you will find it does not take long at all to improve your swing. 

Buying Guide - Why do I Need a Swing Trainer?

If you were to compare the power, batting average and contact rate of those who use a swing trainer with those who do not use a swing trainer, you would find there is a significant difference between the two groups. When properly used, swing analyzers make a considerable impact on a batter’s performance at the plate. Swing analyzers enhance bat speed, trajectory and even the hitter’s technique. However, you must be willing to implement strategic swing alterations based on the swing trainer’s feedback and data. 

Part of the beauty of a swing trainer is it can be used in your own backyard. You don’t have to head to the park or a diamond for a formal practice or game to use these amazing little devices. Take full advantage of this baseball technological innovation and you will agree it is worth every penny and then some. The majority of baseball swing analyzers connect directly to the bat, pinpointing the exact swing quality. The analyzer provides feedback pertaining to the speed of your swing and additional details that serve as valuable insight in your quest to improve your swinging technique.  Swing analyzers are also helpful in that they compare the results of your swing alterations with previous data points for analysis.

Tracking Your Data

The data the swing analyzer collects and tracks is essential to understanding your swing and making the necessary improvements. Take a close look at exactly what the swing analyzer you have in mind tracks so you know which metrics it will highlight in addition to the base metric of swing speed. Some swing analyzers focus on a couple key data points while others collect an abundance of information, some of which is not very insightful. Ideally, the analyzer will accumulate data to make it easier to pinpoint patterns in the swing. 

Opt for a swing analyzer that makes it easier to track data across an extended period of time for analytical purposes and you will get that much more utility out of the device. Some analyzers provide visualizations of the swing that display the plane and path of the baseball bat as it is swung. This visualization sets the stage for highly specific data pertaining to hit angles, the impact speed, the time to hit and the top hand speed. Some analyzers also provide information pertaining to the power of the swing, giving batters an idea of how far their blast would have gone in a real game.


Most baseball swing analyzers connect directly to the bat. However, some are easier to connect than others. It will also be necessary to set up the mobile app so you have access to all of the special features of your baseball swing analyzer. The app provides the insightful data as measured by the swing analyzer. Take a close look at the reviews of the swing analyzer you have in mind to determine if setting up the swing analyzer and the app are easy, difficult or somewhere in the middle. If you are not comfortable with tech, lean toward analyzers that have a comparably simple user experience design.


Some of the top baseball swing analyzers have 3D insight visualization. This graphical capability provides an artful and informative look at swing data. Both baseball hitters and coaches can benefit from a visually polished presentation as it provides helpful insight into the swing arc, angles and additional data.


Precision is particularly important as the swing analyzer’s purpose is to provide accurate information pertaining to baseball swings. The analyzer you select should be accurate with each and every swing. Precision is especially important when capturing video. Some swing analyzers have 3D video capture modes that record three-dimensional videos of baseball swings for highly precise synchronization with metrics selected by you, the baseball player. The display of instantaneous accurate data makes it that much easier to better understand and improve your performance at the plate.

Final Words

Be careful when selecting your baseball or softball swing analyzer, harness or other trainer. Zero in on a swing device that is proven to work, well-built and highly precise. If you trust the device’s accuracy, you will be that much more motivated to practice your cuts with your swing analyzer in the backyard, at a local park or at the diamond and reaping the rewards at the plate during actual games.


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