ATEC Pitching Machines

A sister company of Wilson and Louisville Slugger, ATEC is a leading supplier of top tier pitching machines in the industry.

  • ATEC pitching machines are a preferred choice of the MLB.
  • ATEC has the best pitching machines and most expensive pitching machines on the market
  • ATEC has a single wheel pitching machines, 2 wheel pitching machines, and 3 wheel pitching machines
  • ATEC also manufacturers defense training machines for infield and outfield drills
  • All ATEC pitching machines are backed by a 5 year manufacturer's warranty

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$2,590.00 $2,199.95

ATEC M2 Baseball Pitching Machine " Casey Pro"

$3,499.95 $2,899.95

ATEC M3 Baseball Pitching Machine

$599.95 $539.95

ATEC Padded Heavy Duty L Screen

$79.00 $61.95

ATEC Cage Bucket

$49.00 $36.95

ATEC Ball Bucket

$499.00 $349.00

ATEC 7' Softball Screen

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