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Bases & Home Plates for Baseball & Softball Fields

Bases for Baseball and Softball Fields

To cap off a well-maintained field, high-quality bases, home plates, and pitching rubbers are essential.

We offer a range of top-notch bases, plates, and pitching rubbers for every level of play and price point. Whether you bases for softball or baseball, artificial turf or a real grass field, we got you covered.

We’ll break down the differences between these products and the various options you have when buying bases, home plates and pitching rubbers.

If you’re unsure what product to go with, make sure to check out our recommendations below.

Baseball Bases

There’s a wide variety of baseball base designs on the market with different functionalities and benefits, but the main two are anchored or throw down.

Throw down bases are best for gym classes or recreational use and can be used indoors or outdoors. You can simply throw them down wherever you want and have a diamond ready to go. Our JayPro Throw Down Bases is a best seller that includes a throw down pitching rubber and home plate.

For competitive baseball or softball fields, you’ll need anchored bases and plates that will fit to the ground anchor on the field. You’ve got a variety of options here with different wrinkles to keep players safe.

The Schutt Hollywood Impact Quick Release Bases have two platforms, one of which disengages from the bottom when sliding thus reducing player injuries. Another option is a double base like the Adams Bolco Double First Base which has two bases so fielders and runners are less likely to collide.

Home Plates

Similar to bases, we offer a variety of home plates that are suitable for all types of settings, from competitive softball and baseball play to recreational or gym sports.

The most common type of home plate is anchored permanently into the diamond. For example, the Pro Anchored Home Plate has metal ground anchors that firmly keep it in position, making it safe for runners crossing home plate.

If you just need a home plate for PE activities or need a portable plate for pitching practice, you can buy a throw down plate like the Rubber Home Plate.

Additionally, we have home plates with extra training benefits like the Schutt Strike Zone Home Plate that can aid pitching practice.

Pitching Rubbers

A high-quality pitching rubber is necessary to provide your baseball and softball pitchers with a safe surface to pitch from.

You can find pitching rubbers that can be installed on your mound with spikes or simple throw down pitching rubbers for an informal pitching session.

We also have pitching rubbers that are designed as training aids to increase young pitchers’ confidence and improve fundamental skills.

For example, the Pro Step Down Pitching Rubber can help a pitcher increase their footing and stability. It also has a design that will reduce damage to your pitching mound, so it can save you maintenance and money in the long run.

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