Batting & Hitting Mats For Baseball and Softball

 Baseball and Softball Hitting Mats

Browse among our collection of batting mats for baseball or softball. Out batting mats come in different sizes and prices to fit your needs and your budget

  • Shop between batting mats for baseball or softball
  • Need to save? Buy a stance mat instead!
  • Mats come with lines painted for a visible strike zone
  • Batting mats are light weight and portable

6 x 12 Batting Mats for Baseball

In our collection of batting mats, we have several 6' x 12' batting mats. Choose between the ProMounds line 6 x 12 batting mat, or an unlined matting mat from ProMounds or Cimarron if you're on a budget.

7 x 12 Batting Mats for Softball

Do you play softball? Lucky for you, we carry softball hitting mats as well. Our softball mats are up to spec, 7 x 12. We offer softball batting mats in both green and clay.

$399.00 $239.00

ProMounds 6' X 12' Unlined Batting Mat


BP Mat With Catchers Extension


Sport Turf DiamondTurf Halo Mats


DiamondTurf 6' On-Deck Circle


DiamondTurf Pitchers Mats

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