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Batting & Hitting Mats For Baseball and Softball

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6' X 12' Batter's Box / Batting Mat


BP Mat With Catchers Extension


DiamondTurf 6' On-Deck Circle


DiamondTurf Batter`s Mats

 Baseball Hitting Mats for Baseball and Softball

Preserve your batter’s box and give your players a safe area to practice their hitting with our top recommendations for batting mats.

Our list has a variety of top batting mats for baseball and softball teams.  The many different sizes we carry offers variety in terms of application and affordability, providing a suitable batting mat for every team and baseball field.

After we provide our product recommendations we will delve into more details, including more information on sizes, material, and how a batting mat can change the quality of your BP. 

Without further ado here are our top batting mats for baseball and softball.

Here are our best hitting mats for baseball

ProMounds 12' x 6' Lined Portable Batting Mat Pro

This turf batting mat from ProMounds is incredibly durable with its 5mm thick foam backing. The foam backing gives hitters increased footing stability and also makes the mat more durable. On top of that, it’s lightweight and portable so you can easily move it after practice and store it conveniently.

Batting Mat Features:

  • 5mm thick foam backing
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easily rolls up for portability and storage
  • Spike and slip resistant
  • Has painted lines for strike zone visibility
  • Green or clay color options

Overall, this mat from ProMounds gets the job done. It will protect your batter’s box for gamedays while providing for a safe batting practice.

Cimarron Deluxe Nylon Batting Mat 

You can buy this batting mat in either 6’x12’ or 7’x12’ dimensions. It is made of durable nylon, so it comes at a slightly higher price compared to some other mats recommended here. 

Deluxe Batting Mat Features:

  • Painted white lines and white home plate
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors
  • Spike resistant
  • Easy setup and rollup for storage

The added durability is worth it if you plan to get hundreds of hours of use from this equipment.


ProMounds 4x12 Batting Mat

This mat makes our list due to the variety of sizing options, ranging from 3’x5’ all the way to 12’x’12’. It is also one of the most affordable options on our list, making it great for youth programs due to the small size options.

Hitting Mat Features:

  • 5mm foam pad
  • Green artificial turf
  • Spike resistant
  • Home plate
Whether you need a very small or larger than average mat, ProMounds has you covered with this mat.

ProTurf Batting Mat 6 x 12

One of the pricier entries on our list, this mat’s main selling point is its shock-absorbing cushion. It is also a high-quality mat and spike resistant.

Batting Mat Features:

  • Permanent in-laid turf home plate
  • Stance lines
  • Spike proof

This is a top-of-the-line mat that will leave both your hitters and pitchers satisfied.

Cimarron Batting Mat

This mat is an affordable option with a painted home plate and white painted lines. You also can buy it in the two most common sizes, 6’x12’ and 7’x12’.

Batting Mat Features:

  • Painted white lines and home plate
  • Spike resistant
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor and smooth or dirt surfaces
  • Lightweight and easy to roll up

This simple, yet durable mat will perform well in your batting practices.



BSN BP Mat with Catchers Extension

This has the most unique feature of any of the mats on our list as it comes with a catcher’s extension. Not only will your batter have a comfortable place to practice, but your catcher will too.

Hitting Mat Features:

  • Attached with a six-foot-long sewn-on Velcro strip
  • Easy to roll up and store
  • Painted home plate, batter’s box, and catcher’s box

If you want your mat to double as a piece of equipment for pitching practice then this mat is the way to go.

Why You Need a Batting Mat?

A batting mat serves multiple purposes that will make life easier for players, coaches, and the grounds crew.

Primarily, it serves to protect the dirt in batter’s box and pitching mound. In the case of the BSN BP Mat with Catchers Extension, it also protects the catcher’s and umpire’s area thanks to the catcher’s extension.

But a batting mat’s utility is not limited only to field preservation. Batting mats also provide a safe area for batters to practice hitting. They won’t suffer from poorly maintained fields and potentially suffer from injury.

The ProTurf Batting Mat is a great example of this. With its shock-absorbing foam, players will feel less of the wear and tear associated with batting than if they practice on the diamond all the time.

Also, it’s a great addition for pitchers. The painted lines provide a more visual representation of the strike zone, so pitchers can work on painting the corners.

What Size Batting Mat Do I Need?

The standard batting mat size is 6 feet by 12 feet for baseball and 7 feet by 12 feet for softball. However, some batting mats come in smaller sizes and will therefore be more affordable.

On our list above, most are either 6’x12’ or 7’x12’, but there are different size options dependent on your needs.

For example, the third entry on our list, the ProMounds Batting mat, comes in seven different sizes. The smallest 3’x5’ mat is less than half the size of a standard mat, so rather than a full home plate it is just a mat for a batter to stand on, this will help preserve the dirt in the batter’s box.

You will have to move the smaller mats more often to accommodate left and right-handed hitters, but they do come at a very affordable price.

Smaller mats also lose the benefit of added sight lines for higher strike zone visibility as is standard in 6’x12 and 7’x12’ mats.

Now that you know the pros and cons to each size, you can confidently choose the right batting mat for you and your budget. 

Best Material for Durability

All our recommended mats are made of turf and are highly durable. You also need a mat that is spike resistant, so it can withstand your player’s cleats.

Nylon mats, like the Cimarron Deluxe Nylon Batting Mat, are very durable and high-quality. 

All the mats on our list are also suitable for outdoor use, so they can withstand weather and heat.

Final Words

A batting mat is a very useful piece of equipment. It protects your field and your players, giving them the tools they need to succeed during games.

All of our suggested batting mats would make an excellent addition to any softball or baseball program.

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