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Best Youth Pitching Machines

Best Pitching Machines for Youth Players

It’s not possible for every ballplayer to have a personal practice pitcher at every moment you want to improve your hitting. The solution to this problem is a pitching machine, which can simulate real pitches in game and best prepare a youth baseball player to shine on the field.

Simply put, there’s an avalanche of pitching machines on the market and it can be difficult to find the right one for the age group you are training or coaching.

Below, we will detail the best pitching machines for kids and provide a primer on what you should be looking for based on the baseball or softball players you are helping with batting practice.

What is the Best Little League Youth Pitching Machine for Your Kid? 

This all depends on what you need out of your pitching machine purchase. Do you need versatility, the ability to pitch both baseball and softball, just fastballs or a wide array or pitches?

With that said, the three machines mentioned earlier and others from these brands are all great options to bring your batting practice and players to the next level.

What You Should Be Looking For in a Youth Pitching Machine

Different skill levels and ages need different pitches thrown at them to prepare for pitchers at their age. 

Younger players do not need to be practicing against a 90-mph fastball or a wicked curveball. For younger players, a one-wheel pitching machine should be sufficient as it only pitches fastballs.

For this age group First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine For Baseball And Softball is great for its simplicity and versatility. It pitches up to 70 mph, can be adjusted for baseball and softball, and can also throw ground balls and pop flies.

These added features will increase the use you can get out of your pitching machine, and with its light frame it can be transported back and forth to training sessions.

For even younger players, an even simpler pitching machine can do the trick and save you money. The Heater Real Baseball Pitching Machine With Auto Ballfeeder pitches only up to 52 mph, making it easy to use with lower ages.

If you need a wider variety of pitches for an older age group or higher skill level, a two-wheel pitching machines gives you great control over the type of pitches the machine throws.

The Spinball Wizard 2 Wheel Pitching Machine can pitch sinkers, curveballs, changeups, and more. The ability to practice against different pitches will make your players more confident in the batter’s box and get them ready to play college or professional.

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Spinball Wizard 2 Wheel Pitching Machine

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