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Bownet Nets and Screens

For coaches and parents of athletes, safety comes first. But after that, ballplayers and coaches are seeking the best solutions to train like pros on a more modest budget.

Screens and nets are the best way to add flexibility to baseball and softball training. Bownet’s line of portable nets and screens are one of the best options on the market to give your players the best practice facilities while protecting your players and coaches, all at an affordable price.

Bownet prioritizes portability and has made their screens and nets some of the most lightweight on the market.

This allows players and coaches to easily move the equipment, giving teams more possibilities to expand practice regimens.

With a range of l-screens, hitting stations, protective nets, and more, Bownet has a product line that will add to a baseball or softball program at an affordable price range.

As the American company prides itself on portability and affordability, players and coaches across the country can now train like pros.

Below we will recommend some of Bownet’s best products and discuss what separates them from competitors.

What Bownet product should I buy?

When you are in the market for a new baseball screen or net, safety and durability are two of the most important factors. If a product is poorly built, it will not offer the proper protection to players and coaches.

As any coach or parent can attest to, baseball and softball equipment take a beating, so Bownet designed their protective screens and nets to stand the test of time. Their screens are built to diffuse the impact of the ball across the whole structure, thus expanding its lifespan and protecting players and coaches.

The Bownet L-Screen Elite Portable Protective Screen is a great example of a product with the company’s signature EAS™ technology (Energy Absorption System™). This durable L-Screen is lightweight, making it easy to move and use in multiple settings and drills.

To add to the company’s focus on durability, Bownet’s products come at an affordable price point compared to competitors.

For its size and quality, consumers will be hard-pressed to find a more affordable hitting station than the Bownet Portable Hitting Station. With this hitting station, any grass area can be turned into a baseball field. It functions as a portable backstop and will keep pitched balls from going astray.

These two recommendations encapsulate the strengths of Bownet products. They are easy to move and set up, durable, lightweight, and affordable.

Whether you are looking for a portable hitting station, l-screen, or protective net, a Bownet product will serve your needs for years.