Baseball Field Drag Mats

Baseball and Softball Field Drag Mats and Groomers

Nothing is worse for an athlete than a poorly maintained baseball diamond. It can result in poor performance, or even worse an injury.

And while making sure your fields are well maintained and pristine for baseball and softball games is not an easy job, there are several tools that can help you with the job. Baseball field drag mats and groomers are simple tools that can lighten the load and give you excellent results on your diamond, leaving ballplayers and coaches satisfied.



Drag mats and other similar tools can be seen everywhere from Major League ballparks to little league fields across the country. Drag mats and rakes are used to give the infield dirt an even surface, so baserunners and fielders can run without worrying about a pothole or dangerous uneven ground.

There are a wide variety of drag mats and other associated equipment, and they range from simple and inexpensive to equipment with more features and abilities at a higher price point.

Best Baseball Field Drag Mats for Your Baseball Diamond

Whether you want to go for a manually-pulled drag mat or an attachment to a tractor depends on how often you need to maintain your field.

For many high schools and younger age groups, a simple field drag mat will do the trick. These field mats can be deployed ahead of a big game when a field owner or groundskeeper wants to give their players the best field possible. 

For example, the Rigid Steel Drag Mat w/ Drag Bar Attachment is a steel drag mat that groundskeepers can pull using a rope and a handle. It covers a large area, so one person can level out the infield prior to a game or practice.

Similarly, this field leveling Steel Drag Mat for Baseball Fields also has high reviews. It comes in three different sizes with the largest being 6’ by 6’, which covers a large area, making for a quick and easy job. 

These simple yet efficient field groomers and drag mats will help you keep your infield well-groomed and safe for your players.

More heavy-duty options are also available including larger mats and attachments for a tractor. These allow you to maintain a field faster and with less work, but they come at a higher price.

Additionally, rakes are another tool you can use for field maintenance, and they are great to use in combination with other drag mats. In between innings or games, a field may need some quick care, and a rake can clean up spots where fielders have made a dive for the ball or runners slid into a base.

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