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Drop Toss Machines

Drop Toss Pitching Machines

If you have baseball or softball batters on your team who need to overcome bad hitting habits, a drop toss machine is an excellent way to train.

Unlike other batting practice equipment, this machine will drop a ball to a player from a height above them and give the hitter a consistent soft-pitched ball to hit. It’s great for training footwork and hitting mechanics as players get increased reps and can hone in on specific movements.

A strong option is the Louisville Slugger Soft-Toss Machine / Tee System. It collapses and is compact, so you can move it with you for training sessions on the field or in a batting cage.

Additionally, it has an adjustable time interval that allows you to decide whether you want balls dropped to the batter in 6, 8, or 10-second intervals.

This feature of the drop toss machine allows batters to set their feet properly and work on getting a consistent swing.

To give your hitters the best opportunity to up their batting average, you need a range of drills and tools. The drop toss machine can be a welcome addition to your training regimen as it gives hitters lots of simple, yet impactful batting practice.

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