Baseball Outfield Fences

Portable Outfield Fences for Baseball and Softball - Temporary and Permanent

Shop among our collection of movable baseball and softball outfield fences. We carry a wide selection of both temporary and permanent portable home run fences. Choose between our above ground fencing and in-ground fencing to best suit your field.

Above Ground Temporary Outfield Fences 

We carry several above ground temporary fence options. Our most popular is the GrandSlam™ fence which comes in 3 different colors, with size options ranging from 50' - 471'.

Customers love the GrandSlam™ portable fence because there is no drilling or action required - Just set it up and play ball! And they work for any field or event.

In-Ground Home Run Outfield Fences

We carry even more options for in-ground baseball and softball fences. Our most popular option is, again, the GrandSlam™ fence. This GrandSlam in-ground fence is great for those looking for a more permanent option. The GrandSlam™ in-ground fences come in 3 different colors and range in sizes from 50' - 470'. Check out this page with more information and for simple directions on how to install the GrandSlam™ in-ground outfield fence

Another popular option is the Enduro outfield fencing package. This is also a slightly more permanent option - Just slide the poles through the vinyl pockets  and hammer it into the ground! 

The Enduro fencing packages come in different lengths, ranging from 50' - 300'.

Order an outfield temporary fence package today and receive FREE shipping! Offer ends soon!  


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