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Football Throwing Machines

Receivers and defenders need lots of reps to improve their game. Quarterbacks need to perfect their throw as well, but more often than not your receivers will require more throws in a practice than your quarterbacks can toss.

You can rely on coaches to pick up the slack, but a football throwing machine will save time and diversify the types of drills that you can run.

A high-quality football machine will also be able to simulate punts and kickoffs, increasing the number of reps your special teams can get.

These machines are a staple at the NFL and college level, so high schoolers and youth players will appreciate the opportunity to train like a professional and prepare themselves for the next step in their playing careers.

We’ll offer some tips and recommendations that will help you purchase a football throwing machine for your football program, team, or player.

Take Practice to the Next Level with a Football Machine

Football machines can be used by a good number of players on any football team. Receivers can improve their catching, as well as defenders so they can pick off the opposing team.

These benefits make a football machine a strong investment for a football team, so a durable high-quality machine is worth a lot for this type of equipment.

Best Football Machines

The Quarterback Football Passing Machine by First Pitch is an excellent option as you can practice catching drills as well as special teams drills. It can throw perfect spirals and similar kick offs and punts all up to 80 yards.

With some easy adjustments you can run many drills with this throwing machine. Its durable steel construction and five-year warranty make it a no-brainer at its very reasonable price point.

For some schools, the ability to use this equipment across multiple age groups is extremely important. First Pitch’s machine has that covered as it can throw regulation and youth-size footballs.

Other top producers of football machines include Jugs, Rogers Athletic, and Sports Attack.

For the greatest number of drills possible, the Sports Attack Snap Attack Football Machine also specializes in delivering accurate long snaps. In addition to the traditional features of a football machine, this adds another wrinkle to your practice regimen.

The Jugs Field General™ Football Machine is also a great option that can throw up to 60 yards and simulate punts with up to five seconds of hang time. It’s also endorsed by Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter.

With the information provided, we hope you can easily find the right football machine. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (888) 466-0009! And remember, we are offering free shipping on all football machines! 

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