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Baseball Field and Mound Clay, Field Conditioners & More

Pitching Mound Clay, Infield Conditioners, Clay Drying Agents and More! 

It’s no secret that you can’t use just any soil on your baseball infield and pitcher’s mound. What looks like a standard dirt mound and baserunning surface is actually a very special mix of clay, silt, and sand. It’s designed to provide an ideal surface for gameplay, as standard soil would be too unpredictable as far as ball direction and hops are concerned. 

Plus, packed soil is difficult to stand on for prolonged periods of time, making things uncomfortable for the players on the field. Drainage is yet another issue that needs to be addressed because typical soil is not designed to absorb some of the rainfall that baseball field and mound clay can. Using these special blends prevents the formation of puddles and slippery mud. 

When it’s time to replace some of the clay on your baseball or softball pitcher’s mound and infield, thanks to standard use and repairs removing some of the surface layers, you need to choose just the right baseball field and mound clay.


Choosing The Best Baseball Field and Mound Clay

Two of our top sellers, Diamond Pro Red Infield Conditioner and Turface Pro League Elite conditioner are good places to begin. Both consist of the perfect blend of clay, sand, and silt that you need to ensure that your baseball infield and pitcher’s mound are the stuff that baseball dreams are made of.

Designed to alleviate any safety concerns, as well as not stick to cleats, infield materials are either made of virgin clay or vitrified clay, depending on the product. If you want your infield to look it’s best and perform like that of the pros, then look no further than these two top sellers – as well as the many other options we carry at Anytime Baseball. 

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