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Indoor Bleachers

Aluminum Indoor Tip and Roll Bleachers

If you want to turn a gym or indoor area into an event space, bleachers give you an authentic and functional solution. But, choosing the wrong bleacher can result in floor damage on expensive surfaces and run up astronomical repair bills.

When looking to buy bleachers for indoor use, an indoor bleacher will save you time, effort, and money. 

Indoor bleachers are functionally designed to preserve indoor surfaces like wooden gym floors and often come with additional features that

provide buyers with the ability to easily move and take down the bleachers.

Portable indoor bleachers are a must for schools and venues that need temporary solutions or the ability to customize seating arrangements. While they are designed to protect wooden floors, they can also be deployed at outdoor events adding to their utility.

We will guide you through the most important features for indoor bleachers and offer some recommendations for the best products on the market.

Best Indoor Bleachers

The best indoor bleachers must have certain features that make them functional, portable, easy to store, and safe for indoor surfaces.

One feature that ticks all of those boxes is the ability to tip over the bleacher and roll it using wheels. A bleacher with wheels makes it easier to move bleachers into the correct position without any damage to the floor. It makes setting up for an event easier and safer.

The 2 Row 7½' Tip & Roll Portable Aluminum Bleacher is a prime example of the tip and roll functionality. This model from JayPro is perfect for additional seating and is easy to tuck away after an event.

Another important aspect to consider is what protection the bleacher offers, ensuring that rowdy crowds or heavy foot traffic do not scratch indoor surfaces.

Rubber foot pads offer essential protection to protect your floors.

The JayPro model mentioned above and the 2-4 Row Portable Tip N' Roll Aluminum Bleachers both have outstanding safety features are designed for indoor use with adequate rubber pad protection. With these rubber pads and the wheels designed for indoor use, these indoor bleachers can be safely used for a variety of uses.

Finally, safety is also one of the most important factors when you are looking to buy indoor bleachers.  Any indoor bleacher you are looking to purchase should come with non-skid seating and standing bleachers. Both of our above recommendations fit this bill and provide additional safety protections.


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