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Baseball Scoreboards

Scoreboards for Baseball and Softball Fields

If a baseball game isn’t accompanied by a scoreboard, did it really take place? Although the answer to this question is: maybe, you definitely want to have a scoreboard handy for every game, just to prevent player disputes and other issues. The audience, as well as the umpire, can easily track what’s going on during the game with a digital scoreboard from Anytime Baseball Supply.

Scoreboards can track more than just the number of runs that each team has batted in. They can also note pitch count, so you know when the pitcher is getting fatigued, as well as the extremely important number of balls, strikes, and outs. Some even note the number of hits and errors from each team.  

From simple models that just display the score to the fancier models that resemble those in professional ballparks, we have plenty of options.

How to Pick the Right Scoreboard for Your Baseball or Softball Field

Need a portable scoreboard that you can carry from field to field? Or one that handles multiple sports? We have the scoreboards that you need and the equipment to help you update the information on the board. From large digital scoreboards available in an array of colors, including blue, green, and red, that can be mounted on one end of the field, to smaller tabletop models that are extremely portable, our wide array of scoreboards meets every need. 

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