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Extended Timing Chutes

Extended Timing Chutes for Pitching Machines

Have you ever felt that a pitching machine was hard to time? Or that hitting off a pitching machine too often would decrease your ability to time a real pitcher? You're not the only one. In fact, despite all the positive things that coaches and players say about their pitching machines, they sometimes feel that a pitching machine can mess with a players ability to time a pitch. 

The original factory chute (the part of the machine that feeds the ball into the machine) on most pitching machines allows only .5 seconds for the player to load, see the pitch, be on time and swing. It can become a guessing game for the hitter which can ultimately cause harm to their performance. 

With an Extended Timing Chute, players will have 1.5 seconds to see the ball coming down the chute. This replicates seeing a pitcher's windup, which allows the player time to load, see the pitch, be on time and swing. 

All our Extended Timing Chutes are made out of 100% steel, powder coated and made right here in the USA.

Timing Chutes

Factory Timing Chute vs Extended Timing Chutes

Without Timing Chute

Without Timing Chute

Without a timing chute, hitters only gets 0.5 seconds to load,
see the ball, be on time and swing

With Timing Chute

With Timing Chute

With the timing chute, each hitter gets 1.5 seconds to load,
see the ball, be on time, and swing, simulating a real game scenario

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