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Create your own customized windscreen with Anytime Baseball Supply.
Select any size and color, and add any logo you’d like. Digital proofs available upon request.

Either call us at (888) 466-0009 or fill out the form below for more information and one of our experts will be in touch with you soon!

Custom Windscreens for Sports Fields

Custom Sports Privacy Windscreens

Redefine your baseball, softball or sports fields with a professional custom windscreen. Not only will a custom windscreen make your field more aesthetically pleasing, it will also provide privacy and protection against strong winds and dust.

We carry a variety of custom windscreens that can be used on chain link fences for the field, dugout or any batting cage. 

Choose between our best selling brands, Armor Mesh Windscreens and Tuffy Windscreens, to outfit your field with the very best custom windscreens money can buy. 

On a budget? Check out our standard windscreen or classic windscreen for a more economical choice. 

Custom Windscreens

For custom windscreens please call us at (888) 466-0009 or email us at We offer custom sizes, colors and logos. These options will need to be discussed with one of your staff members. Digital proofs are available upon request. 
















Windscreens by Cover Sports 

FenceMate® Classic or ArmorMesh Printed Windscreen Panels

From simple lettering to full-scale graphics, the power of branding can:

  • Brand and add value to your school and team
  • Customize your facility and dress up your fence and ball field
  • Generate ad revenue by displaying your sponsor’s logo
  • Promote team spirit

Which Fabric is Best?

It all depends on what you need from your windscreen:

  • Classic Mesh (VCM9X12) is a lighter weight, closer weave that displays color and printing beautifully
  • ArmorMesh (VCP16X16) is an extremely durable fabric that allows more wind passage and has the longest manufacturer's warranty

FenceMate® Classic Mesh Windscreens

That big league look for baseball fields!

FenceMate attaches to any fence to provide:

  • An attractive cover for plain, chain link outfield fencing
  • Blockage from distractions and wind around the dugout
  • An excellent visual background for players
  • Maximum UV protection
  • Standard heights: 6' and 9'(custom available), finished to any length
  • Multiple colors to match your team’s
  • Center lacing lip is standard for screens higher than 6' (extra row of grommets prevents wind damage)
  • Brass tooth grommets, spaced 18" apart on all sides
  • IncrediSeal heat sealed hems standard

FenceMate® ArmorMesh Windscreens

The most durable fencemate windscreen available! 

For the heaviest, most durable, longest-lasting fence cover on the market, look no further than ArmorMesh!

  • ArmorMesh windscreens include all Classic Mesh features
  • 14 oz. woven, extrusion vinyl-coated polyester
  • Excellent tear strength
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance – up to six-times more than traditional VCM dip-coated windscreen
  • Fabricated with IncrediSeal heat-sealed hem
















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