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Youth and Little League Pitching Mounds

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5070 6" Portable Youth Game Pitching Mound

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Pitch Pro 898 8" Portable Game Pitching Mound

Youth & Little League Pitching Mounds

Shop among our extensive line of pitching mounds for youth and little league baseball players. We carry pitching mounds for all levels of play of youth players ranging from 8 and up. Our line pitching mounds include outdoor pitching mounds and indoor pitching mounds. 

Using a pitching mound for your little league team will help your pitchers develop proper pitching mechanics from a young age and will give them a competitive edge over others. When a player becomes familiarized with pitching from a mound at a young age, they will also be better prepared to take the next step in their baseball journey. 

Pitching mounds also promote proper techniques and are safe for kids of all ages.

Choose between short or longer mounds - Do you want the front foot to land on the dirt or on the mound incline? Take your pick!

If you will be using your pitching mound for little league games and tournaments, you will need a little league approved mound. Click here to view our little league approved pitching mounds

youth and little league pitching mounds


Or, if you just need a mound for indoor practice, be sure to browse through our collection of best indoor practice pitching mounds, or check out our extensive list and guide on how to pick the right pitching mound for you and your kid

Below we will provide further details on the best youth pitching mounds and make some product recommendations.

Why Your Kid Needs a Portable Youth Pitching Mound

At younger levels, whether the pitcher throws from a flat surface or a mound might seem like a small difference, but a mound can better set young pitchers up for future success.

On a mound, a young pitcher will get practice with the pitching mechanics they need when they play at an older age. To better prepare for game situations, young pitchers should also be practicing on a mound.

Additionally, if players learn the proper pitching mechanics, they are less likely to get injured in training or games.

When purchasing a youth pitching mound for your team or program, it is important to consider what height and type of mound they will typically be playing with.

Make sure the mound you purchase meets the dimension requirements for the league they will be playing in. 

Young players should be pitching consistently on the same mound height and dimensions, so they can get the mechanics down right. Switching from different height mounds may affect the performance of your young pitcher. 

The Best Youth Pitching Mounds

With a wide variety of options for all ages, PortoLite is one of the best manufacturers of youth pitching mounds.

PortoLite carries different dimensions and customization options, all while producing a consistently excellent pitching mound that is durable and will protect players from injuries.

Made with a built-in pitching rubber and a full size construction, the PortoLite 6107 is one of our personal favorites for youth players and little league tournaments. Or try the 4434 mound, a more economical and compact version, easier to carry on and off the field, and easier on the wallet. 


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