Jugs BP®1 + The "Rookie" Batting Cage Package Deal

Jugs BP1 + The "Rookie" Batting Cage Package Deal

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Jugs BP®1 + The "Rookie Batting Cage

Jugs BP1™ Pitching Machine

The Jugs BP1 is the perfect pitching machine for pitching machine leagues, High Schools, and youth leagues. The Jugs BP1 is available for baseball or softball OR as a baseball/softball combination pitching machine at a slightly higher price point. 

This pitching machine is a workhorse. It can pitch consistent strikes right into the zone, inning after inning. Pitch baseballs at speeds of 15-70 mph or softballs (fastballs or risers) up to 70 mph. Let's read on and see what else the Jugs BP1 pitching machine has to offer! 

Jugs BP1 Pitching Machine Features

  • 15-70 mph speed range.
  • Comes complete with a baseball chute and long, straight legs.
  • Operates at 110V ( U.S.), Yamaha® EF2000iSv2 Portable Inverter Generator or the Complete Practice Battery Pack.
  • Generally used by Pitching Machine Leagues, High Schools, and Youth Leagues.
  • 360-degree movement for fly balls, pop-ups, and ground balls.
  • Perfect for Beginners.
  • Throws these ball types: JUGS Sting-Free® baseballs—dimpled and seam, Jugs Lite-Flite® and Softie® baseballs, the Jugs Pearl® and Jugs Bulldog™ baseballs.
Jugs BP1 + The "Rookie" Batting Cage Package Deal

The  "Rookie" Batting Cage

This backyard batting cage comes with everything you need to set up a batting cage in your backyard: a durable net, a strong frame, and the hardware to put it together. This residential batting cage is made with 1 1/2-inch galvanized steel tubing and comes with polyethylene netting. This home batting cage is easy to assemble and will last you many seasons to come! 

Batting Cage Features

  • Batting cage net is made of #24 twisted polyethylene netting
  • Net comes with UV protection and will not disintegrate in the sun
  • Frame is made of 1 1/2" steel tubing
  • Side door entry for easy access in and out 
  • Comes with long ground stakes and tie-downs to secure the batting cage 
  • Comes in different sizes to fit any backyard!
  • Easy to set up!