Sock Net Screen with Batting Tee
Sock Net Screen
Batting Tee
Batting Tee With Player

The Swing Zone Sock Net Screen with Batting Tee Combo

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Residential Sock Net with Deluxe Batting Tee

Looking to increase your pitching or hitting skills? This sock screen and batting tee combo is a great place to start. For under $300, pitchers can develop their pitching skills efficiently without having to spend time gathering balls, and hitters can hit from a tee all day long. This sock screen also works great for front toss and soft toss with a coach or with dad. 

Start getting more reps in during training and spend less time picking up balls!

Sock Screen Features

  • Great for hitting and throwing drills.
  • Frame made of 1 ½" 16 gauge powder coated steel
  • #42 twisted, knotted twine
  • Pillowcase style net
  • Easy to assemble
  • Optional frame wheels are available

Deluxe Batting Tee Features

  • 43 L x 16 W x 7 H; Lbs. 47
  • Solid black rubber tee and base with heavy-duty bolt
  • Telescopic sleeve adjusts from 22" to 47"

Sock Net Screen with Batting Tee