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Baseball Field Rakes

Baseball Rakes and Infield Rakes

Keeping the baseball field nice, level, and free of hazards is the goal of every good baseball or softball groundskeeper. The infield dirt within the baseball diamond needs to be taken care of with a baseball field rake before and after the games, as well as during them, if the dirt is disturbed. Any loose rocks, clumps of mud or dirt, or bits of grass can not only lead to a baseball that hops uncontrollably but also to injured players. 

With several styles of baseball rakes to choose from, including collapsible field rakes that are easy to store, and non-collapsible models that are sturdy enough to clear away those infield rocks, Anytime Baseball Supply has you covered. 

Look for field rakes with telescoping handles, as well as rounded, non-gouging teeth if you want the utmost control over the surface. Durable aluminum alloy heads are lightweight and sturdy and make for a good, long lasting rake. 

Our infield rakes are available in a number of sizes, with field rake heads ranging from 24 to 48 inches, allowing you to choose just how much of the field you want to groom at once. Non-telescoping handles are made of lightweight aluminum that’s easy to move around on the infield. 

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Want to keep your infield safe and tidy? Check out our assortment of field rakes today. 

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