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Chain Link and Permanent Backstops

Permanent Chain Link Backstops for Baseball Fields


To make a baseball field feel like a baseball field, a chain link backstop is an absolute necessity. A permanent backstop ties together the diamond and can be a fixture of the field for years to come.

Chain link backstops are a must for baseball, softball, kickball, or school-related P.E. activities.

A backstop can also be a lifesaver as it protects fans and players from foul balls and wild pitches.

Buying a sturdy, permanent backstop is a great long-term investment for your baseball or softball field as it improves safety and provides an official atmosphere for your ball games.

A well-designed chain link backstop will be able to withstand regular use, wear and tear from fast pitches, and any weather elements in your area for decades to come.

Below, we provide some information about which chain link backstop is right for your program or facility.

Permanent Backstops Vs Mobile Backstops


An important distinction to make when it comes to backstops is permanent versus portable backstops (also known as hitting turtles).

A permanent chain link backstop is one of the most recognizable features of a ball field. These are fixed, sturdy structures that are constructed to last many years and protect viewers and players in the home plate area.

Permanent backstops come in various shapes and sizes, but they are larger than backstops which you can move.

A hood & wings are important features for a backstop that increase their safety and also their cost. The hood and wings add some cover for foul balls that fly high and backward. 

This 10' Tall Chain Link Backstop with a hood is a great choice for those looking for a permanent backstop with extra protection.


One of the best features of this durable backstop is its multiple-panel construction. Some permanent backstops come with limited paneling, making them more susceptible to damage. But with this permanent chain link backstop, if any single panel is damaged it can be simply removed and replaced, saving the owner from needing to buy a whole new backstop.

Backstops without a hood and wings like this 10' tall chain link backstop (no hood or wings) offer a more affordable option with similarly strong construction.

Finally, portable chain link fence panels can also be used as a backstop for different drills in practice. These are not as suitable for game day, but coaches can deploy them in practice to increase their ability to run drills for multiple players in a safe manner.

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