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Baseball Backstop Fence - 3 Panel
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Baseball Backstop Fence - 4 Panel
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Permanent Chain Link Backstops for Baseball Fields


To make a baseball field feel like a baseball field, a chain link backstop is an absolute necessity. A permanent backstop ties together the diamond and can be a fixture of the field for years to come.

Chain link backstops are a must for baseball, softball, kickball, or school-related P.E. activities.

A baseball field backstop can also be a lifesaver as it protects fans and players from foul balls and wild pitches.

Buying a sturdy, permanent baseball backstop is a great long-term investment for your baseball or softball field as it improves safety and provides an official atmosphere for your ball games.

A well-designed chain link backstop will be able to withstand regular use, wear and tear from fast pitches, and any weather elements in your area for decades to come.

Below, we provide some information about which chain link backstop is right for your program or facility.

Baseball Backstops Baseball Backstop Fence - 3 Panel

Recommended Chain Link Backstops

Baseball Backstops Baseball Backstop Fence - 4 Panel


Permanent backstops come in various shapes and sizes, some with 3 panels or 4, some come with wings and even overhangs. 

As a rule of thumb, the more panels, the more safety they provide. And adding wings and overhangs make them even safer, protecting players and viewers from pop ups and hard hit foul balls.

Customers really love this 3 panel chain link backstop here. It comes with 3 panels, each 10' wide and 12' high, in a strong 2 3/8" outer diameter steel. You also have the option to add in an overhang for the center and wings for extra protection. 

Groundskeepers also love this 4 panel permanent baseball backstop. Like the 3 panel, its panels are 10' wide and 12' high. Double panel overhangs and wing panels are also available for purchase. 

Looking for something more portable? Check out our collection of portable baseball backstops. These backstops come with wheels and fold down making them easy to store away after batting practice.