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Baseball Field Drags & Infield Drags

Nothing is worse than a poorly maintained baseball diamond. Poorly maintained baseball fields not only look unprofessional but will affect the way the ball rolls off the infield dirt and may even lead to injuries!

While making sure your fields are well maintained and pristine for the next game is not an easy job, there are several tools that can help you. Baseball field drags, and groomers are simple tools that can lighten the workload and give you excellent results on the diamond, providing a beautiful and safe field for all.

Baseball field drags, infield drags, and other similar tools can be seen everywhere, from Major League ballparks to little league fields across the country. These simple yet effective tools maintain infields before, during, and after ball games. It's a necessary tool that keeps the game of baseball humming along smoothly. 

If you're new to field dragging or groundskeeper duties, don't worry - we're going to cover the basics and point you in the right direction for the best baseball field drag tools. Field dragging can be boiled down to 2 stages, nail dragging and finishing. Let's take a look! 

Nail Drags, Spikers & Harrow Drags

We'll start with nail drags, as it often occurs before float dragging and finishing (though not nearly as often). Nail drags, or spike drags, are used to renovate a field (regarding infield soil) or after a rainy day. If the infield is damaged due to rain or is due for renovation, nail dragging is the first step! 

If you have a motorized vehicle (a John Deere or something similar), we recommend this adjustable weight nail drag. This nail drag can attach to any field vehicle and be pulled around with ease. It also allows you to add weight to the drag as you see fit. Generally speaking, the more damaged the field, the more weight you will want to add in order to get those deep, replenishing cuts. 

If you're limited by budget, or your renovation project is more moderate (less damaged), this 2-in-1 nail drag or this 6' wide spike drag will do just fine! 

Baseball Field Drags

 Finishing Drags - Which Field Drag is Right for You?

Whether you're finishing up an infield renovation or doing some day-to-day finish grooming, you'll need a finishing drag. Depending on the infield skin type of your field, the appropriate finishing drag will either be a steel drag mat, a cocoa mat drag, or a cocoa drag broom. Please refer to the table below for the recommended finishing drag to match your infield skin type. 

Final Words

We hope this helps you find the right field drag for your next groundskeeping project. Use the filters on the left-hand side of this page to help you further narrow down your search. And be sure to look at the combination drags as well to make your job quicker and easier than ever before. If you have any additional questions, check out this article how to nail drag a baseball field, or feel free to call us at (888) 466-0009!