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Baseball L Screens

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Armor 7x5 Junior Padded L-Screen

$549.00 $359.99

Commercial Baseball L-Screen

$450.00 $249.99

7' x 4' Baseball L-Screen

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Armor 7x7 Padded L-Screen

$399.00 $297.99

Pitchers Protector L Screen

$699.00 $639.00

Mini Pro L-Screen


TUFFScreen 7' × 5' L-Screen


TUFFScreen 7' × 7' L-Screen


8' x 8' L-Screen


L-Screens For Batting Practice and  Pitching Protection

You’ve seen them in the Home Run Derbies, but they’re not just for the big leagues. The L-Screen is a protective net that protects your players and coaches from hard-hit baseballs during batting practice.

Providing your players with the best training is crucial, and an L-Screen net will protect both your players and coaches when you are holding batting practice.

These l-screens can be used indoor and outdoor and are vital equipment for improving batting, pitching, and overall safety.

Since the screen may take a beating from line drives during batting practice, it is important to invest in a high-quality L Screen that will hold up over time. So, we will help you decide what L Screen is best for your baseball training needs.


Which L-Screen Should I Buy?

While an L Screen net might seem like a simple piece of sports equipment, buying from a trusted, high-quality brand is recommended in order to maximize the safety of your players and coaching staff.

Cimarron L-Screens

Cimarron Sports offers a wide range of baseball and softball equipment and is a trusted supplier for a variety of protection screens. Three of their top products are L Screens of various sizes.

Starting with the Residential L Screen and going up to the Commercial L Screen, Cimarron offers L Screen products that can work for all ages and levels.

Portable Baseball L-Screens

While these products are a high-quality standard L Screen, you may want different features that make using and putting away the equipment much easier. 

One important feature to consider is wheels. An L-Screen net without wheels may be adequate for some, but having a portable L-Screen could save a lot of time and hassle.

We currently carry four top of the line portable L Screens that have wheels. Check out our staff pick portable L-Screen here that we know you'll love. 

Different size frames including 5’ x 7’ and 8’ x 8’ will be suitable for different age groups and applications. 

All Your L Screen Needs Covered

Whether you go with wheels or not, and what size to go with is dependent on a variety of factors; How old are your players? Do you need a protective screen for softball pitchers? How often do you need to move the screen? etc.

Regardless of your personalized needs, the L-Screen is a must for a baseball team as it can take your batting practice to the next level while keeping everyone safe. Any of these high-quality products will be able to stand the test of time and your players and coaches will get years of use out of them.

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