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Batter's Box Template

Baseball & Softball Batter's Box Template

To have a field looking in mint condition, you need a precise and clear batter’s box. It’s a task that needs to be done countless times, and with a batter’s box template you can get exactly the results you need.

Painting the batter’s box can be time-consuming and difficult, but a batter’s box template simplifies the process. With a template, you will paint the exact batter’s box you need every time.

These templates come in a variety of sizes for both softball and baseball, and in our collection you will find a batter’s box for every level from youth to pro.

For example, our 3’ x 7' Foldable Softball Template is an excellent option for painting a softball batter’s box. But if you need a standard batter’s box for baseball, we have you covered with our Official 4’ x 6’ Batters Box Template.

Both of these products have important features that make them top-of-the-line batter’s box templates.

They are lightweight and foldable so you can easily transport them and carry them to the plate. Also, they are made with lightweight aluminum that is both sturdy and easy to carry.

They are a simple solution that leaves a perfect 2” imprint of your desired batter’s box dimension. After that, you have an easy template imprinted on the dirt for you to follow.

If you run a club or school program with both baseball and softball at various levels you might be looking for a product that can do it all. Look no further than the Fully Adjustable Batter's Box Template, which can be adjusted for official baseball, softball or little league size batter’s box templates.

There’s an option for every level, and with one of these templates, you will save plenty of time and effort and ensure that you have the best batter’s box you can possibly have.

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