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Super Sopper Mackerel Sports Water Removal Tool
Super Sopper Mackerel Sports Water Removal Tool
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Super Sopper Dolphin Water Removal Tool
Super Sopper Dolphin Water Removal Tool
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Field Drainage Hose
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Super Sopper Replacement Pad
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Baseball Field Water Absorbers

Maintaining a baseball field takes a lot of time and effort. Throw rainy or snowy weather into the mix and you’ve got a big job on your hands. However, water removal tools can make your life much easier and make maintaining a baseball or softball field a breeze.

Our range of products helps with both the big and the small. Whether you have recurring puddles and standing water or are looking to save the day and dry out the entire field after a storm, we have the right water removal tool for you.

We frequently get the question, “How do you remove water from a baseball field?” or “how do I dry a baseball field quick?” Here we will answer those questions and provide some recommendations based on your circumstances.


Baseball Field Water Removal Equipment - Super Sopper

Which Baseball Water Removal Tool is Right for Me?

Dependent on the weather in your area and how much rain, snow, or inclement weather you get, the type of tool you need will vary.

If you are looking to prevent weather-related cancellations and postponements, a Super Sopper machine is likely the way to go. The Super Sopper Mackeral and the larger Super Sopper Dolphin are great options to dry out a variety of playing surfaces.

(If you’re looking for a more long term, preventative solution, check out our collection of baseball field tarps.)

Both Super Sopper rolling machines are easy to use and come with absorbing pads that will soak up water and leave your field dry and ready to play ball on. The Super Sopper Mackeral absorbs up to 7 gallons of water, but if you have large or multiple fields, the Dolphin can absorb up to 14 gallons of water. The manufacturer Kuranda uses high-quality materials that make these products a great long-term investment.


Finding the Right Water Removal for Your Baseball Field

While the Super Sopper is great for the whole field, sometimes your field will only have a couple of areas that need to be dried out. If you need a quick fix for puddles or regularly wet areas of your field look no further than a pump.

The Diamond Pump Water Removal Tool allows you to pump out water from low points in your field. The Diamond Pump will allow you to go the deepest, but the range of Hog pumps will also allow you to remove water if your field does not have deep water.

In general, the right water removal tool depends on how much water removal you need. If you want to reduce your weather-related cancellations, the Super Sopper products are the best way to go for maximum water removal.

Baseball Field Water Removal Equipment - Diamond Pump