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Heater Sports Pitching Machines

Heater Sports Home Run 12' Batting Cage

Pitching Machines by Heater Sports

Heater Sports is dedicated to bringing you the best and most cost effective pitching machines for baseball and softball and batting cages on the market. From the heater sports basehit, to the the 2 wheel deuce pitching machine, heater sports has a selection of pitching machines for all budgets and skill sets. 

  • The best and most cost effective pitching machines
  • Heater Sports has pitching machines for kids and adults! 
  • Pitching machines come with a one year manufacturer's warranty
  • Heater Sports has a wide selection of baseball pitching machines, pitching machines for softball, and baseball softball pitching machines!
  • Heater Sports' pitching machines are revered by baseball coaches and players alike as they accurately deliver real baseballs with user’s selected speed level.  Each Heater Sports pitching machine is provided with a full year parts and labor warranty along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Heater Sports pitching machines are safe, reliable and supported by exemplary customer service. You can let your kids use Heater Sports pitching machines and other equipment without hesitation, knowing full well these machines are 100% safe. Don't believe us? Read through our Heater Sports reviews to see what our customers have to say! 

    Best Selling Heater Sports Pitching Machines

    Heater Real Baseball Pitching Machine With Auto Ballfeeder

    When it comes to pitching machines, few compare to the Heater Real Baseball Portable unit.  Complete with an auto ballfeeder for the best possible baseball training, this machine is economical, reliable and most importantly, accurate.  The machine's 1/4 horsepower motor launches baseballs at your selected speed, upwards of 52 miles per hour.  Give this pitching machine a try and you will find it delivers pitches at the perfect speed in the exact location you specify, guaranteeing your little leaguers have a chance to swing away at pitches delivered directly over the plate or any other location you desire. 

    Heater Sports Deuce 75 MPH 2 Wheel Curveball Pitching Machine

    Heater Sports’ offerings are highlighted by its Deuce pitching machine.  This beast shoots out baseballs upwards of 75 miles per hour.  While most other pitching machines are primarily limited to straight pitches that are either four-seam fastballs or changeups, the Heater Sports Deuce launches curveballs at varying speeds. 

    This is your opportunity to maximize your potential as a baseball hitter.  Featuring a groundbreaking pivot-head system, this pitching machine lets you swing away at curveballs that paint the corners of the strike zone along with fastballs and changeups. All in all, the machine provides upwards of two full minutes of solo bat time as pitches are spaced out in 10-second intervals. Get yours today and take your hitting skills to the next level! 

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