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Creators of the Spinball Wizard 2 and 3 Wheel Pitching Machines

An independent manufacturer, Spinball Sports designs and manufacturers its own pitching machines. Tested, perfected, and tested again, Spinball is dedicated to creating quality pitching machines at a competitive price for the high school, collegiate and MLB baseball community. As a premiere manufacturer, Spinball pitching machines are at the top of their class in terms of quality and performance.

People often ask us, "Are Spinball pitching machines good quality?" or "I've never heard of Spinball, how can I trust their brand?" Our answer is simple; Spinball has been manufacturing quality pitching machines for years AND Spinball also manufacturers Rawlings pitching machines! Rawlings pitching machines are engineered in the same warehouse as the Spinball machines. Anyone who plays ball knows that Rawlings is a top baseball brand! 

Spinball Sports Facts

  • Manufacturers Spinball pitching machines and Rawlings Pitching machines
  • Manufacturers 2 wheel pitching machines and 3 wheel pitching machines 
  • We offer 30-day returns on Spinball machines
  • Spinball pitching machines are under warranty for 5 years for residential use and 1 year for commercial use
  • Spinball auto ball feeders are under warranty for 5 years for residential use and 1 year for commercial use
  • Competitively priced pitching machines
  • FREE shipping on all Spinball Wizard machines!

Spinball Wizard 3 Wheel Pitching Machine for Baseball or Softball

Harness the power of the Spinball Wizard 3 pitching machine with its powerful spinning 1" solid urethane wheels and state of the art smart control panel. Easily change the pitch speed, spin direction and spin amount on the smart control panel to select the pitch you want. Throw right and left handed breaking balls or a fastball straight down the middle. The options are endless and you're in control.

3 Wheel Pitching Machine Features

  • Smart control panel offers full control over pitches
  • Drastically improves batter's hitting skills
  • Throws pitches from 40-100 mph
  • Durable frame and wide based tripod
  • Only weighs 120 lbs.
  • Order a baseball AND softball combo machine!
  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping! 

spinball wizard 3 wheel pitching machine

 Spinball 2 Wheel Pitching Machine for Baseball or Softball

Built with performance and affordability in mind, the Spinball Wizard 2 is a perfect pitching machine for high school and collegiate players. Just like the Spinball 3 wheel machine, this 2 wheel machine has similar speed dials that allow the operator to easily change the settings of any given pitch. You can control the speed of each pitching machine wheel and easily pivot the machine head to create new angles! 

2 Wheel Pitching Machine Features

  • Control speed dials to throw from 25 - 95 MPH
  • Pivot pitching machine head to create different pitches
  • Throws fastballs, curveballs, sliders, knuckleballs and more
  • Order the baseball/ softball combo machine!
  • Weighs only 58 lbs.
  • Made in the USA
  • FREE shipping!

Spinball Wizard 2 wheel pitching machine

Don't forget to order a Spinball Auto Ball Feeder with your 2 or 3 wheel pitching machine!

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