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3 Wheel Pitching Machine

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Hack Attack 3 Wheel Pitching Machine

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Rawlings Pro Line 3 Wheel Pitching Machine

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Jr Hack Attack + L-Screen Package Deal

Three Wheel Pitching Machines

3 wheel pitching machines are the most advanced and sophisticated pitching machines available. All of our three wheel pitching machines have the capabilities of throwing fastballs, right and left handed curveballs and other dynamic pitches at speeds up to 100 mph! 

How 3 Wheel Pitching Machines Work

On a 3 wheel pitching machine, you have three spinning wheels, three independent motors, and 3 control dials. Each control dial controls a motor, and the motor controls the speed of the wheels. 

With 3 wheels spinning at the same time, the ball is inserted into a chute that guides the ball to make direct contact with the wheels. As the ball passes through the chute and makes contact with the wheels, the ball is launched forward, creating a high velocity and highly accurate pitch. 

How 3 Wheel Pitching Machines Throw Breaking Balls

If you want a machine to throw you a breaking ball, three wheel machines are the best to do it. The process in which a pitching machine throws a breaking ball relies on its 3 independently spinning wheels. By adjusting the speed of the wheels so that each wheel spins at different speeds, you can create spin onto the ball. 

So, as the ball passes through the delivery chute and makes contact with the independently spinning wheels, the ball is then projected forward with topspin, thus creating a break on the ball.

Further adjustments to the speeds of the wheels can create virtually any pitch conceivable; right and left handed curveballs, right and left handed sliders, cut fastballs, fastballs, and more. 

And, with three powerful motors, of course you get the power you need. Three wheel machines can throw breaking balls up to 80 mph, and fastballs up to 100 mph. 

It's no wonder why three wheel machines are so sought out by high schools, colleges and MLB teams.

We even have parents of middle school players buying these machines, because they can slow down fastballs to a nice and slow speed, or speed them up to 100 mph. Investing in a three wheel machine can last you your kids entire baseball career! 

Best Three Wheel Pitching Machines

By far, the best 3 wheel pitching machines on the market are made by Sports Attack. Their best pitching machines include the all new I-Hack programmable pitching machine, the Hack Attack pitching machine and the Jr. Hack Attack.

The I-Hack is an excellent programmable machine that has preset pitches programmed into it - Just press a few buttons on the screen and pitch whatever you want! Or create your own pitches and pitch sequences and save it to the machine!

The Hack Attack and Hack Attack Jr. are the best machines on the market period. These have been around for years now and have been used by thousands of teams across the country. For more information on these two machines and the differences between the two, check out this article we wrote.

Next up and not far behind are the Spinball Sports and Rawlings three wheel pitching machines. Spinball is a manufacturer located in Illinois that manufacturers and assembles all Spinball and Rawlings pitching machines. 

The Spinball Wizard 3 and Rawlings Pro Line 3 are very similar to each other, and to the Hack Attack line of pitching machines. All 3 can throw breaking balls and fastballs at similar speeds, with some minor differences and different features. 

For more information on the features and differences of these three wheel machines, check out this article that we wrote on the best pitching machines.

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