PortoLite Portable Pitching Mounds

A product of necessity, PortoLite is the first of its kind to develop portable pitching mounds for indoor and outdoor use. The Founder of PortoLite, Mike Hoppe, was looking for a pitching mound to use indoors on the off season and came up with PortoLite. Built by pitchers for pitchers, PortoLite is the original portable pitching mounds manufacturer. 

  • PortoLite has been making portable pitching mounds since 1989
  • PortoLite pitching mounds are designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • The indoor pitching mounds will not scratch and gouge gym floor
  • All PortoLite pitching mounds come with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty

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Portolite Spiked Softball Mat

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