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Portolite Portable Pitching Mounds

PortoLite 4" Youth Portable Pitching Mound
PortoLite 8" Full Length Portable Pitching Mound

Portolite Pitching Mounds

A product of necessity, PortoLite is the first of its kind to develop portable pitching mounds for indoor and outdoor use. The Founder of PortoLite, Mike Hoppe, was looking for a pitching mound to use indoors on the off season and came up with PortoLite. Built by pitchers for pitchers, PortoLite is the original portable pitching mounds manufacturer. 

A pitching mound needs to stand the test of time. Years of use and weather will deteriorate some mounds, so buying a high-quality mound is essential to providing the best field possible for players.

PortoLite pitching mounds are the best in the industry due to their durability, craftsmanship, and versatility. The company started out of Minnesota in the late 80s and developed pitching mounds that could stand wear and tear and cold weather.

When designing the mounds, Portolite focused on finding the perfect balance between durability and portability, and the results have pleased thousands of customers. 

The PortoLite line of mounds can be used both indoor and outdoor, and they are both portable and lightweight, making it easy for teams and players to use it outside during the season and indoors during the offseason.

A pitcher needs plenty of practice both during the season and offseason. Therefore, the ability to move pitching mounds and use them on outdoor fields and indoor facilities is a crucial benefit that will give pitchers the best opportunity to shine.

The mounds are made with materials and features that make them a top-of-the-line mound used in high schools, universities, and recreational fields across the globe.

To make the mounds lightweight, PortoLite mounds are made with super light fiberglass, making them a breeze to transport. Using a combination of Polypropylene and Polystyrene material the mound is made to be light-weight while keeping a high density for a cushioned landing for pitchers.

Speaking of durability, it also uses a turfing adhesive that strengthens the area of the mound that takes the most beating. PortoLite mounds are also made with 3 different polyurethane adhesives to be water-resistant, resulting in a mound that can stand up in any climate.

The company is so sure of their product’s longevity that all PortoLite pitching mounds come with a 10-year warranty, so the buyer is assured of years of use. To top it all off, every mound is crafted by hand, giving the buyer a high-quality product made with care every time.

In total, PortoLite pitching mounds deliver the durability and versatility that baseball programs and schools need when buying a pitching mound. Still on the fence? Read through our Portolite reviews here to see what our customers have to say! 

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