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Plyo Balls & Weighted Training Balls

WeightedTraining Balls & Plyo Balls

What are Plyo Balls?

Plyo balls have emerged as a highly favored training tool among baseball players of all ages and skill levels. These balls are simple in design, they feature a rubber coating over a weighted core filled with sand-like material. The weight of the balls varies between 3 ounces and 4 pounds, depending on the brand used. The usage styles are diverse, ranging from static holds to general throwing conditioning to high-intensity throws. Baseball teams and coaches have recognized the popularity of these balls and now they are used across the world by players of all ages.

Why Plyo Balls are Important

To enhance your throwing game and outperform your opponents, using plyo balls is a must. These balls are more than just arm-strengthening tools, they help you adapt better movement patterns while conditioning your arm.

By incorporating overload and underload balls into your training, you can improve your throwing velocity and overall arm condition. Use specific drills mixed with your general training program to vary the volume and style of your throws.The improvement on feel and command alone is reason enough to incorporate plyo balls into your routine. Retain feedback from each throw to fine-tune your release points.

Take your throwing game to the next level with plyo balls.

Benefits of Using Plyo Balls

  • Improve Pitching Mechanics - The increased weight of plyo balls teach a more efficient and safer arm action.
  • Unlock Power - Heavier balls can help strength and condition your arm to help you throw harder.
  • Recovery - With more muscle in the right places, your arm will recover faster.
  • Warm Up - Increase the quality and time it takes you to warm your arm up.
  • Improve Command - Changing ball weight challenges you to program release points with each throw, improving your overall command.
  • Accessibility - Plyo Balls are amongst some of the most inexpensive training products, making them accessible to all players. 

Baseball Throwing Plyo Balls w/ Seams
TAP™ Mini-Medicine Plyo Balls

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