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The Perfect Mound Pitching Mounds

The Perfect Mound Portable Pitching Mounds

The Perfect Mound™, also known as TPM Performance & Surface Solutions™, is a leader in the baseball industry, providing top-tier performance for all levels of play. With a presence in seven countries across four continents, and hundreds of locations, The Perfect Mound pitching mounds are the standard for quality in the industry. Designed by baseball professionals with an emphasis on safety, durability, and playability, TPM products have won numerous industry awards.

In addition to their renowned portable pitching mounds, TPM offers trailblazing products that integrate the latest technology into variable surfaces. They have a fully replaceable system that utilizes the highest level of available elements and attachments, providing solutions to a wide range of surface problems. The company's mission is to integrate technology into the ever-evolving world of human performance.

TPM's operations are based out of a 30,000 sqft warehousing facility in the Greater St. Louis area. This location allows the company to stock higher volumes of products and turf for their many customers around the world. With a focus on safety, durability, and playability, and a commitment to integrating technology in new and innovative ways, TPM is the standard in the industry.

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