Batting Turtles for Batting Practice

Shop among our collection of portable baseball turtles. Baseball turtles, also know as batting turtles, are used for batting practice before the game. These batting practice turtles feature a shell like backstop that catches missed pitches and foul tips. No more shagging foul balls from the bleachers, our baseball hitting turtles will contain any foul ball at home plate. Batting practice without a baseball turtle can be dangerous to spectators and potentially cause damage to surrounding vehicles and buildings.

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All of our batting practice turtles are portable and are easy to bring on and off the field! Choose from our most popular brands, Big Bubba and JayPro!

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  • All hitting turtles are portable and easy to setup 
  • Our portable batting turtles are the preferred choices of select MLB teams
  • Truly get the most out of each batting practice!
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Best Selling and Customer Favorite Batting Turtles

ProCage Pro Hitting Turtle (Best Value Hitting Turtle)

Baseball Turtles Professional Roll Away Portable Hitting Turtle for Baseball

Our top selling and customer favorite, this portable baseball turtle is designed for high schools, colleges, parks and recs, and MLB programs. This hitting turtle can take a beating - it's built with 2" thick aluminum tubing, wrapped in foam (for reduced ricochets), and features a large cushion thud pad behind the strike zone. Did we mention it comes with wheels and is fully portable? 

Key Features and Benefits

  • 2" padded aluminum tubing
  • Large thud pad
  • Heavy duty weather treated nets
  • Rear dolly for portability
  • Dual rear observation decks
  • Best value hitting turtle

    Bomber Elite Portable Batting Cage Turtle

    Baseball Turtles Bomber Elite™ Baseball Hitting Turtle

    A runner up and favorite among baseball coaches and college programs, is the Bomber Elite hitting turtle. Like the Pro Hitting turtle, this one has wheels making it very easy to roll on and off the field. The aluminum frame and #42 UV treated nylon netting give you the peace of mind that hitting turtle will last many seasons to come.

    Key Features and Benefits

    • 2″ heavy-duty Schedule 40 aluminum tube construction
    • #42 black climatized nylon net with rear net baffle
    • Dual coach stands with leaning bar also serves as a convenient strut holder
    • Coach platform allows coaches perfect view of strike zone!
    • 3-year manufacturer's warranty on product defects and workmanship