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Pitching Dummies & Batter Silhouettes for Pitching

Improve your pitching game with a pitching dummy! Our pitching dummies, also known as a fake batter or dummy batter, come in different sizes to best fit the needs of your pitcher's needs. 

  • Improve your pitching skills with a pitching dummy 
  • Our pitching dummies can be used at home plate or as a bullpen dummy on the field
  • We carry different heights of our designated hitter pitching dummies to fit the needs of any pitcher

If you want to train your pitchers to paint the corners with devastating accuracy, they need the most realistic training sessions possible. With these fake batters for pitching practice, pitchers get a more lifelike feel of the pitching zone, so they can work on pinpointing pitch location.

It’s a great tool as it gives pitchers more reps in a game-like situation without the need for another human at bat.

This reduces injuries all around and makes pitching practice a safer experience.

We carry 2  baseball pitching dummies; the Designated Hitter Pitching Dummy Pro and the designated hitter youth model (different height sizes and in different colors). It’s made of durable materials, so your pitchers can fire fastballs without worrying about damaging the equipment or hitting the batter.

This pitching dummy also is designed to protect the catcher with beveled edges that reduce pitch deflection.

A batting dummy can be set up as either a left- or right-handed hitter, so you can work on the ins and outs of pitching against different types of batters. You can also set up the dummy to crowd the plate or standoff, so you can be comfortable on the mound in any situation.

Overall, this is a highly recommended piece of equipment for pitchers who want to get the most out of their bullpen sessions. Click here to check out more awesome pitching training aids.