Little League Approved Pitching Mounds

Pitching Mounds Approved by Little League

Not all pitching mounds are created equally, and not all mounds are approved for game use by the largest baseball organizations. In fact, True Pitch Mounds is the only pitching mound manufacturer that is approved for game use by the Babe Ruth league, Dixie league, Pony league, Cal Ripken league and Little League!

Many other pitching mounds may meet the dimension requirements from these baseball organizations, but are not actually approved for game and tournament use. Built with reinforced fiberglass and covered with high density AstroTurf®, our little league mounds are tougher and safer than dirt! 

Shop among our collection of 11 different little league approved pitching mounds and select the color and size of your choice. 

If you don't need a little league approved mound, feel free to shop among our youth pitching mounds and you might save a few bucks! 

little league approved portable pitching mound

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