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Portable Little League Pitching Mounds

Not all pitching mounds are created equally, and not all mounds are approved for game use by the largest baseball organizations. In fact, brands like True Pitch Mounds are among the only pitching mound manufacturers that are approved for game use by the Babe Ruth League, Dixie League, Pony League, Cal Ripken League, and Little League!

Shop among our collection of different little league approved pitching mounds and select the color and size of your choice. 

A little league approved pitching mound all comes down to mound specs, how tall, long, and wide it is. Understanding this is important if you plan on using your mound in Little league tournaments or any Little League game. But don't worry, all little league pitchingLmounds found on this collection page are approved for game use by Little League! 

Little League Portable Pitching Mounds

Little League Pitching Mound Dimensions & Requirements

Little League Portable Pitching Mounds True Pitch 202-8 8" Little League Approved Portable Pitching Mound

Little League has fairly strict requirements when it comes to pitching mounds and other field specifications. The mound needs to be 48 feet 6 inches from home plate and must have a 12-foot diameter circle around the mound.

These and other additional requirements mean that buying a Little League approved pitching mound will save you time when you are reorienting your mound.

It also means that your ballfield can host regulation Little League games, and your team can face more difficult opponents. Additionally, approved mounds are safer and will improve your players’ pitching mechanics as they try to make it to the next level.

There are plenty of pitching mounds on the market, so we will discuss what you should be looking for in a Little League approved mound and make some recommendations.

Little League Pitching Mound Recommendations

Oftentimes, baseball fields are host to a variety of different age groups and skill levels. With this in mind, the ability to remove a mound is a key feature for the Little League level.

One of the top-selling and most popular little league approved mounds is the True Pitch 202-8 portable pitching mound. At 8" tall, 9' wide, and 11' long, this mound is approved for game use by Little League and meets all dimensional requirements. 

Or, the 6" 202-6A portable pitching mound can be easily removed so you can have games at multiple skill levels on your baseball field. As a youth league mound, it fits the specifications perfectly and is easy to install.

Since it comes in two lightweight pieces, it is a breeze to set up and takedown.

Both of these little league mounds have the added benefit of a design with fiberglass reinforcement that protects players’ knees and ankles, thus reducing injury. They are also suitable for multiple field types with grass and clay options.

Overall, a Little League approved mound is the way to go, as it guarantees that your mound will meet Little League requirements while better protecting your young players.

Little League Portable Pitching Mounds True Pitch 6" Little League Portable Pitching Mound

Still need help? For more information on portable youth pitching mounds, make sure to check out our portable pitching mound buying guide here!