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True Pitch Mounds

Little League and Babe Ruth League Approved Pitching Mounds by True Pitch

Founded in 1966, True Pitch set out to become the first and best portable pitching mound manufacturer in the United States. In the early 60's, founder John Goeders watched his son pitch and lose a little league championship game.

His son pitched from a mound for the very first time ever, which threw him off and led to his loss. 

John's son was used to pitching from a flat surface and had never pitched from a mound before. This wasn't fair for his son or for his team. The lack of consistency between practices without a mound and to the championship game with a mound was unfair.

John wanted to make sure that there was consistency between practice and game mounds for all leagues. And this is how True Pitch Mounds was born.

Today, True Pitch Mounds are used in tournament play and on baseball fields across the world.

Being the ONLY pitching mound manufacturer that is approved for Little League, Dixie, Cal Ripken, Pony and Babe Ruth leagues, True Pitch leads the market with safe and durable mounds for all ages and skill levels.

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