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Indoor Baseball Pitching Mounds for Sale

Train all year long, rain or shine, with an indoor pitching mound. Our collection of indoor practice pitching mounds is perfect for training during the off-season and warming up.

Similar to a batting practice pitching platform, indoor pitching mounds are used for practice and not for game use. This is because indoor mounds are not built to meet the special league requirements of pitching mounds for game use. However, these pitching mounds are elevated like a regulation mound is.

As the name says, indoor pitching mounds are meant to be used indoors only. However, with recent design upgrades, some of our practice pitching mounds can now be used indoors as well as for pitching outdoors

All of our indoor baseball pitching mounds are portable and easy to store. Our larger practice mounds feature a 2-piece design for ease of transport and storage as well. 

All indoor practice pitching mounds are made with high-density foam and feature turf and pitching rubbers. This design makes for a durable mound with a realistic feeling. 

A pitcher needs to use a quality indoor pitching mound to remain consistent with pitching mechanics from practice to game. If a pitcher practices on flat ground or on an improperly built mound, it will affect their pitch delivery and accuracy during a game. 

Indoor Pitching Mounds10" Collegiate Portable Indoor Pitching Mound

Indoor Pitching Mounds Portolite 10" Two-Piece Practice Pitching Mound

Browse through our collection of indoor baseball pitching mounds for practice during the off-season or when the weather is bad. We also carry pitching platforms for batting practice or game pitching mounds for game day! 

We carry practice pitching mounds for different skill levels, ages, and budgets. 

  • We carry practice pitching mounds for all ages, skill levels, and budgets 
  • Our Indoor pitching mounds feature a non-slip bottom that does not scratch gym floors
  • Practice mounds help perfect pitchers' stance and delivery 
  • Perfect for off-season practice and warming up

Order an indoor practice pitching mound today and receive FREE shipping! 

Recommended Indoor Baseball Mounds

Take a look at our customer-favorite indoor practice mounds, and learn about why you're going to love them, too. 

Portolite 10" 2 Piece Portable Pitching Mound

Our best seller and customer favorite, this Portolite mound is a favorite among high schools, colleges, coaches, and parents. This practice mound is actually designed for either indoor or outdoor use. If you want to use it outside, you can think of it as a portable bullpen mound or as an indoor mound on a gym floor when the weather is bad. Its poly coating grips any gym floor without scratching or moving around. 

Portable Indoor Pitching Mound Features

  • The two-piece design makes it portable and easy to store (also, shipping is cheaper) 
  • Smooth bottom does not scratch gym floors
  • Grips any gym floor firmly
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use 

*We also carry this in a 1 piece indoor pitching mound option. In most cases, we recommend the standard-sized version in a 2-piece design.

Indoor Pitching Mounds Portolite 10" Two-Piece Practice Pitching Mound

Indoor Pitching Mounds 10" Collegiate Portable Indoor Pitching Mound

10" Collegiate Indoor Pitching Mound

Want to save a few bucks without compromising quality? Our 10" collegiate level indoor pitching mound is the answer for you. Although it looks like a bullpen pitching mound, the only drawback is that this mound is only designed for indoor use. Take advantage of the 4' width and 9' length, making it easy for your pitchers to warm up comfortably. Did we mention this one only weighs 126 lbs? 

Portable Indoor Pitching Mound Features 

  • The pitching mound has a skid-proof bottom that will not scratch gym floors.
  • Built-in pitching rubber
  • Weighs only 126 lbs.

Need a smaller indoor mound? Be sure to check out its smaller counterpart - the 6" indoor pitching mound. It has a lot of the same features but comes in a smaller size and lower price point. 

Still Need Help?

Still not sure what to buy? Check out our collection of all portable pitching mounds for sale to sift through your options to find the right mound for you. If you have any questions about our indoor baseball pitching mounds, email us at or call us at (888) 466-0009.