Portable Pitching Mounds

Best Portable Baseball Pitching Mounds

Transform any field into a baseball field in minutes! 

best portable pitching mounds for baseball

Shop from our complete collection of portable pitching mounds with many brands to choose from and many different colors, sizes and styles. Choose between top brands like PortoLite, Pitch Pro, The Perfect MoundTrue Pitch, ProMounds, Allstar Mounds, Arizona Mound Company and more!

Building up a dirt mound for each practice or game is time consuming and impractical. Purchase a removable pitching mound to make life easier on your and your team. 

Our removable pitching mounds can be easily carried by 1 or 2 people on and off the field or fit on the back of a utility cart. Just throw the pitching mound down and play ball - When you're done, fit it in the back of your car, truck or SUV and call it a day. 

Our portable baseball pitching mounds are built with reinforced fiberglass and high quality turf to put up with the wear and tear throughout the season.

Pitching mounds take a beating from the cleat spikes, so we only carry the most durable mounds out.

Whether you need a portable youth pitching mound, an indoor collegiate pitching mound, or anything in between, we have you covered. Order a portable pitching mound today and watch your kids pitching skills increase rapidly! 

best portable pitching mounds for baseball

Three Types of Portable Pitching Mounds

The most common types of baseball pitching mounds are game mounds, practice mounds, and pitching platforms. Game mounds are used primarily during competitive games, while practice mounds and platforms are used during practice or B.P.

Read on to learn about the three types of portable baseball pitching mounds and their intended purposes.

Portable practice mounds are generally used for indoor gyms or batting cages, and feature non-slip non scratching technology on the bottom of the mound for gym floors. These are designed for practice and not intended for game use. 

Pitching platforms are used outdoors and go over the pitching mound during BP so the dirt mound does not get damaged. Platforms usually come with wheels, making them easy to roll on and off the field. 

Portable game mounds are the most popular and commonly purchased type of portable artificial mounds. Game mounds are typically only used during games, and oftentimes must meet certain league requirements for size and dimensions. Game mounds come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Order a game mound today and receive free freight shipping! 

Portable Pitching Mound Construction and Durability

When shopping for a portable mound, understanding mound construction is very important to ensuring your investment lasts you many seasons.

Some portable pitching mounds are made with cheap materials, like wood or other low grade plastics. This causes the mound to deteriorate quickly and develop flat spots.

Make sure the portable pitching mound you purchase has high quality, reinforced fiberglass, and is coated with quality turf. 

For example, both PortoLite and Allstar Mounds use a reinforced fiberglass body construction and coat the tops of the mounds with Astroturf. This solid construction will guarantee any team many seasons of gameplay. 

Also, make sure the mound you purchase comes with at least a 2-3 year manufacturer's warranty! 

Game Pitching Mound League Requirements

Little League pitching mound dimension requirements:

  • Mound height: 6” for players under 11 and 8” for players 11-13 years old
  • Distance from home plate to pitching rubber: 46’
  • Mound diameter: 10’
  • Length of pitching rubber: 18”

Bronco League pitching mound dimension requirements:

  • Mound height: 6” above home plate. Pitching mound should be raised at a “gradual” slope until 6” above home plate.
  • Distance from home plate to pitching rubber: 50’
  • Mound diameter: 12’

Cal Ripken pitching mound dimension requirements (ages 4-12):

  • Mound height: 6” above home plate
  • Distance from home plate to pitching rubber:  46’
  • Mound Diameter: 10’

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Best Portable Pitching Mounds

Here are some of our customer's favorite mounds from over the years! 

Our top two customer favorite game mounds are the 8" portable youth game mound and 6" little league portable game mound. These mounds are built with reinforced fiberglass, coated with AstroTurf and backed by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

Another customer favorite, the PortoLite 6" full length mound, is a great option for any little league teams that need a good mound for their field. This mound is built with reinforced fiberglass and will last many seasons to come! 

Finally, our staff favorite practice mound is the PortoLite 10" indoor practice mound. Like all PortoLite mounds, this mound is coated with durable turf and built touch with reinforced fiberglass.

To learn more about our portable mounds, be sure to checkout our pitching mound buyer's guide. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.

And remember, we offer FREE shipping on all our portable mounds! 

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6" Portable Youth Game/ Practice Pitching Mound

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ProMounds Major League Portable Pitching Mound