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Pitching Platforms

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6" Portable Pitching Platform With Wheels

Portable Pitching Platforms for Baseball

Protect your dirt pitching mound with a pitching platform. Dirt mounds can take a long time to build and you don't want to ruin it during batting practice before the game starts! 

Use a pitching platform and keep your mound perfect for the big game

Our portable pitching platforms are constructed with fiberglass or aluminum and are topped with durable AstroTurf®. 

All batting practice platforms are raised in the rear 6" - 10" and come equipped with transport wheels for portability.  

Choose between the best batting practice platform manufacturer's in the industry, Pitch Pro and True Pitch. We made sure we stocked only the best platforms so you can shop with confidence. 

Here's what our staff has to say about some of our personal favorite platforms. 

portable pitching platform

Our Best Pitching Platform Brands and Top Picks for You

Pitch Pro Pitching Platforms

Pitch Pro’s best-selling pitching platform for batting practice is known as the Pitch Pro 516.  This portable pitching platform is highlighted by high-tech composite construction and an uber-rigid surface. Step on this pitching platform for yourself and you will find it has quite the generous amount of space around the rubber.  This is exactly what you or the youth baseball/softball player in your family need to feel comfortable when winding up or extending your front foot forward when pitching out of the stretch.  

The Pitch Pro 516 pitching platform is quite wide compared to others on the market, making sure you will not land off of the mound after a pitch is thrown.  If you’re worried about the platform leaving sizable marks on the field, don't fret;  this unit is designed to leave as small a footprint as possible.  The 516 platform is even designed with tapered sides that permit air to move under the mound and also ensure the grass maintains its integrity.  

And don't worry about the prospect of water ruining the platform.  The unit is designed to be both waterproof and UV resistant, thanks to its marine-grade gel coats. 


Add in the fact that the 516 platform features Astroturf game turf, widely revered as the best turf on the market, and you have even more reason to pick up this platform.  Plus, this platform comes with a wheel kit with wide tires that maintain the integrity of the playing surface.

True Pitch Pitching Platforms

True Pitch’s top pitching platform for batting practice is the BP Pro.  This pitching platform features fiberglass construction backed by a six-year warranty. The platform’s elite build quality has helped it garner a reputation as the most durable of its kind on the market.  The fiberglass shell, measuring 4' in width, 8' in length and 10' in height is built with extra reinforcement along the landing area.  There is even a 60 ounce AstroTurf covering to boot.  

The entire BP Pro pitching platform weighs 125 pounds yet it can be moved to and from the diamond with ease thanks to its transport wheels.  If you are still on the fence as to whether this platform is worthy of your hard-earned dollars, consider the fact that True Pitch has been one of baseball's top names for nearly half a century.  Leagues ranging from Pony to Dixie, Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth place their trust in True Pitch platforms.


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