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9 Hole Pitching Nets

9 Hole Pitching Nets For Sale

9 hole pitching nets are the best way to improve a pitcher's aim and accuracy. Using a 9 hole pitching pocket is like using a practice catcher net for pitchers. The 9 hole pitching net will tell the pitcher exactly where their pitches are landing and will thus help them improve their accuracy.

9 hole pitching nets are the preferred pitching aid for coaches and parents across the country. Over the years, 9 hole pitching nets have helped thousands of players improve their game. It is no wonder why the 9 hole PRO pitcher's pockets is one of our best selling 9 pocket pitching net!

Learn How to Paint the Corners with a 9 Hole Pitching Net!

Not only can a 9 hole pitching pocket help your pitcher with accuracy, it can also help your young pitcher paint the corners. You don't want your kid throwing cookies straight down the middle, which is why they need a 9 hole pitching net in their arsenal of baseball training aids. Pair up a pitching machine and you have the ultimate setup for any pitcher or batter 

Where you think the ball hits the strike zone, and where the ball actually hits the strike zone can be 2 totally different things, which is why a 9 hole pitching target is necessary. We especially love the 9 hole pitchers nets because they feature nine individual pockets, allowing you to see each section of the strike zone; top left, top center, top right, left center, center, right center, bottom left, bottom center, and bottom right. 

9 Hole Pitcher's Nets

Like we mentioned earlier, our most popular pitcher's pockets are our 9 hole pitcher's targets. With the most simple and inexpensive design, it is no wonder why we get such great feedback on these pitchers pockets! Most of our 9 square pitching nets come in a size that fits perfectly over the strike zone, a galvanized steel frame, and adjustable legs to easily change the height.

12 Hole Pitcher's Net

Much like the 9 hole pitchers pockets, the 12 hole pitcher's pocket have a large impact on improving a pitcher's aim. The 12 hole pitcher's net is designed for slightly more experienced pitchers that want to become even more precise with their accuracy. Try practicing breaking balls and getting the ball in the corners!



16 Hole Pitching Net

Similar to the 12 hole net, the 16 pitching pocket is for the most experienced of pitchers that are looking to improve their accuracy. This 16 hole net is about the size of the strike zone so the pitcher can really learn how to aim their pitches.

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