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No Hitter Net 9 Hole Pitching Net Black
No Hitter Net 9 Hole Pitching Net
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Pitcher's Velocity & Command System - 9 Hole Pitching Net + Radar
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9 Hole Pitching Nets For Sale

Good pitching starts with command. The umpire doesn't care how hard you throw, if it's outside of the zone, the batter walks. That slider you've been working on needs to land in the zone (or close enough to fool the batter). Otherwise, all that practice was for nothing. 

The #1 tool you need to improve your pitching command is a 9 hole pitching net. Using a 9 hole pitcher's pocket is like practicing with a live catcher in the bullpen, minus the catcher. And the bullpen. A 9-hole pitching net, also known as a strike zone net, will be your catcher, your pitching coach, and your best friend from here on out. 

Also known as a pitcher's pocket pro, these pitching trainers will tell you exactly where your pitches are landing, giving you vital, instant feedback. It's simple - if the ball lands in the net, it's a strike. And if you have to pick it up off the ground? It's a ball.

Baseball 9 hole pitching nets are the preferred pitching aid for coaches, parents, and pitchers across the country. Over the years, these pitching trainers have helped thousands of pitchers like you improve their game.

It is no wonder why the No Hitter Net 9 Hole Pitching Net is one of our best pitching nets

9 Hole Pitching Nets

Top Recommended 9-Hole Pitching Net

Size Comparison of the No Hitter Net vs Pitcher's Pocket XL

There are 2 types of 9 hole pitching nets on the market today: The No Hitter Net and the Pitcher's Pocket XL. Customers often ask us what the difference between the two nets is. They are built from the same materials; 14 gauge steel, industrial grade #60 netting, heavy-duty vinyl, and 1 1/2" impact foam padding. But they are different in their size. Let's take a look.

No Hitter Net Key Dimensions:

  • Outer Strike Zone (From outside of foam padding): 32" H x 25" W
  • Inner Strike Zone (Highlighted in green above): 24" H x 18" W
  • Dimensions of Each Pocket: 8" H x 6" W

Pitcher's Pocket XL Dimensions:

  • Outer Strike Zone (From outside of foam padding): 42" H x 36" W
  • Inner Strike Zone (Highlighted in green above): 38" H x 30" W
  • Dimensions of Each Pocket: 12" H x 10" W

As you can see, the Pitcher's Pocket XL  is about 44% wider and 31% smaller in size than the No Hitter Net. This makes the No Hitter Net a harder-to-hit target, therefore improving the pitcher's aim (Aim small, miss small!). Players often prefer the smaller size target as it more closely imitates the size of a real-life strike zone, and thus better prepares the pitcher for real-life game scenarios. 

Customers often ask us if softballs will work with either the No Hitter Net or the Pitcher's Pocket XL. The answer is, yes! Even a 12" softball (the largest softball size) has a diameter of 3.8 inches, which will definitely fit into the 6" wide pocket.


How to Improve Your Pitching Command with a 9-Hole Pitching Net

No Hitter 9 Hole Pitching Net Review

Built to Last!

Customers absolutely love these. Not just for the training aspect they provide, but because of the quality and durability as well. These pitching nets are built strong with 14 gauge galvanized steel, #60 netting, wrapped with 18 oz vinyl, and cushioned by 1" impact foam padding. The foam around the frame reduces ricochet from hard-thrown pitches to increase safety for players. 

The nets are strong as well. We use #60 industrial-grade netting that holds up strong to fastballs as well as UV rays from the sun. This ensures that the netting doesn't dry out and crack over time. And to top it off, our pitcher's pockets only weigh about 25 lbs!

How to Paint the Corners with a 9 Hole Pitching Net!

Not only can a 9 hole pitching pocket help your pitcher with accuracy, but it can also help your young pitcher paint the corners. You don't want your kid throwing cookies straight down the middle, which is why they need a 9 hole pitching net in their arsenal of baseball training aids. Pair up a pitching machine, and you have the ultimate setup. Throw one of our pitching dummies in the mix, and you have a real-life pitching scenario on your hands! 

Where you think the ball hits the strike zone and where the ball actually hits the strike zone can be 2 totally different things, which is why a 9 hole pitching target is necessary. We especially love the 9 hole pitchers nets because they feature nine individual pockets, allowing you to see each section of the strike zone; top left, top center, top right, left center, center, right center, bottom left, bottom center, and bottom right.

Still on the fence? Read through our pitcher's pocket reviews here to see what our customers have to say!