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Portable Baseball Fences

Home Run Outfield Fences for Baseball and Softball Fields - Temporary and Permanent

Shop among our collection of baseball and softball outfield fences. We carry a wide selection of both temporary and permanent portable baseball home run fences. Choose between our above ground fencing and in-ground fencing baseball fences to best suit your field. 

These baseball fences work great for both high school and professional baseball teams. If you need to quickly setup a field or build out a field for the long term, one of our outfield fences will work great for you. 

If you are unsure of the dimensions you need for your field, please refer to this article or contact us and we will help you out! 

portable outfield baseball fencing - anytime baseball supply

Above Ground Temporary Baseball Fences 

We carry several above ground temporary fence options. Our most popular is the GrandSlam™ fence which comes in 3 different colors, with size options ranging from 50' - 471'.

Customers love the GrandSlam™ portable baseball fence because there is no drilling or action required - Just set it up and play ball! And they work for any field or event.

As one of our customers told us after purchasing, "You can't go wrong with the Grand Slam portable baseball fences!" 

In-Ground Home Run Outfield Fences

We carry even more options for in-ground baseball and softball fences. Our most popular option is, again, the GrandSlam™ fence. This GrandSlam in-ground fence is great for those looking for a more permanent option. The GrandSlam™ in-ground fences come in 3 different colors and range in sizes from 50' - 470'. Check out this page with more information and for simple directions on how to install the GrandSlam™ in-ground outfield fence

Another popular option is the Enduro outfield fencing package baseball field fence. This is also a slightly more permanent option - Just slide the poles through the vinyl pockets  and hammer it into the ground! 

The Enduro fencing packages come in different lengths, ranging from 50' - 300'.

Order a baseball field fence package today and receive FREE shipping! Offer ends soon!  

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