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Sweet Spot Baseball Tamp
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Tamp Sock
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Baseball Tamps

A baseball field tamp uses muscle power to press the infield dirt back into good condition, before those ruts and gouges cause balls to hop weirdly or players to trip. Available in a number of different sizes, these flat, square pieces of metal with a handle going straight up from the center, are designed to be lightweight and easy to use.

How to Pick the Right Tamp for Your Baseball Field 

Choose from our selection of tamps with extra-long handles to reduce vibrations and interchangeable tamp heads in different sizes. The varying heads ensure that you get the control and coverage that you need when pressing the dirt back into shape.

We recommend the Sweet Spot baseball tamp. This baseball tamp comes with 4 different interchangeable heads. This gives you the versatility to get into those tight areas around the plate and pitching rubber or to cover more ground with the large head.

To make things even easier, get a tamp sock – this piece of fabric fits over the tamp head and ensures that mud won’t stick to the tool. No matter what tamp you need, Anytime Baseball has you covered!

Baseball Tamps Sweet Spot Baseball Tamp

Recommended Product: Sweet Spot Baseball Tamp