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Baseball Field Tarps & Spot Covers for Sale

Baseball field tarps, infield skin tarps, and spot covers are essential pieces of equipment for any baseball field. These field covers, typically made of high-quality vinyl or polyethylene material, shield the field from rain, snow, and excessive moisture.

By preventing water accumulation, field tarps, and spot covers help maintain optimal field conditions, ensuring safe and playable surfaces for players. 

Whether it's a professional stadium or a local baseball diamond, having a reliable baseball field tarp cover is crucial for preserving the integrity of the field and providing a consistent playing experience for athletes and fans alike. Let's take a look at the best field tarps, infield skin covers, and spot covers for your baseball field! 

Full Infield Tarps

As mentioned above, baseball field rain tarps are a must-have for any field that experiences the occasional rainy day. They are designed to be easy to handle and deploy, allowing groundskeepers to quickly cover the entire field when inclement weather strikes. Quick deployment of a field tarp leads to fewer game delays and more playing time. We also carry softball field tarps that fit any size softball field. 

Note: A full baseball field cover is meant for short-term use during a rainy day. Long-term usage of a field tarp will cause damage from heat build-up.

Baseball Field Tarps & Covers Full Infield Baseball and Softball Rain Tarp

How to Pick the Right Size Field Tarp

A full infield tarp should extend 3-5 feet into the outfield, just beyond the infield skin. This helps prevent water from making its way onto the infield skin. This also helps ensure that when you remove the tarp, water does not leak into the infield skin. 

Every field is different. Youth leagues play on smaller fields, softball fields have their own sizes, etc. Use the table below to find the right size tarp for your field. 

Baseball Field Tarps & Covers Field Saver Baseball Spot Cover

Spot Covers and Area Tarps

If a full baseball tarp is overkill or over budget, a spot cover or pitching mound tarp might be a better option for you. Spot covers are designed to cover specific areas of the field, like pitching mounds, home plates, bases, etc. They come in different sizes and materials to suit different baseball field needs and budgets. We carry spot covers with weighted edges and some with hemmed edges that allow them to be staked into the ground. 

When determining the size of the spot cover you need, we recommend going big. Example: if your pitching mound area is 18' in diameter, try going with the 20' option. This will ensure water doesn't seep onto the mound and damage the soil. 

Our customers love the Field Saver vinyl spot cover and the polyethylene spot cover. They're affordable, available in weighted hem or grommeted, and come in several different colors. They're even customizable! Give us a call, and we can add your team's logo or any custom image. 

Infield Skin Tarps

Infield skin tarps were designed to only protect the infield skin. Since skin tarps only cover dirt, you can leave them there for long periods of time without damaging the grass. These tarps help manage moisture levels of the infield skin, helping prevent evaporation. 

Our best seller is this Field Saver infield skin tarp. It comes in different sizes to fit any field, and baseline tarps are also available for purchase. 

This covers all field covers and tarps you'll need for your baseball or softball field. For additional questions, feel free to call us at (888) 466-0009. And don't forget a tarp roller to store your field tarp! If you are just building out your baseball field, check out this guide on baseball field dimensions and softball field dimensions here.

Baseball Field Tarps & Covers Field Saver Baseball Infield Skin Tarps