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BATA Dimpled Baseballs Dozen Pack
BATA Dimpled Baseballs Dozen Pack
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BATA Pitching Machine Auto Feeder
BATA Pitching Machine Auto Feeder
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BATA Auto Ball Feeder Cover
BATA Auto Ball Feeder Cover
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BATA Roll Away Stand
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Pitching Machine Battery
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BATA Pitching Machines

A Legacy of Baseball Innovation

At Anytime Baseball, we proudly carry Bata pitching machines - A brand with a rich history that traces back to 1986 when the very first Bata pitching machine was meticulously crafted in the garage of John Grygera. A collegiate baseball player with aspirations of making it to the majors, John's dissatisfaction with the available machines fueled his determination to create something exceptional.

Though John retired from the game in 2017 without stepping into the big leagues, his legacy lives on through the pitching machines he pioneered. He became the mastermind behind the designs that are now the cornerstone of the pitching machine market. From the iconic Ryan Express to the powerful Mound Yeti and many more like Atec and Bulldog, Bata's innovations have been copied by other manufacturers since the '90s. Yet only Bata remains, which is a true testament to their craft.

Manufactured in the USA, BATA is the preferred pitching machine brand for MLB teams like The San Diego Padres, Arizona Diamondbacks, Los Angeles Dodgers, and many more! 

  • BATA pitching machines are constructed with solid steel
  • BATA pitching machine motors use high-quality US-made solid-state electronic controls
  • BATA designs transport wheel kits for ease and portability on and off the field
  • Pitching machines for all ages and skill sets
  • Check out our Bata pitching machine reviews here!

Recommended BATA Pitching Machines

The preferred choice of many major league baseball teams, the BATA-2 pitching machine is truly the top of its class. Featuring 2 independently spinning wheels (Goodyear tires), the Bata-2 has capabilities of throwing breaking balls and fastballs up to 100 MPH. Backed by a 10-year manufacturer's warranty, this pitching machine is truly a no-brainer! 

BATA-2 Pitching Machine Features

  • Pitches 25-100 MPH
  • Used by major league baseball teams
  • Throws real or dimpled balls
  • Available for baseball, softball, or combo
  • Throws breaking balls and fastballs
  • Backed by a 10-year manufacturer's warranty
  • FREE shipping!

BATA Pitching Machines Bata-2 Pitching Machine For Baseball And Softball


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