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Foul Poles

Foul Poles for Sale

It’s going, going…and it’s off the foul pole! Home Run!

Foul poles play a critical part in determining whether baseballs are fair or foul.  These massive poles have the potential to shape the outcome of a game in the event that a baseball strikes them. This is precisely why the foul pole you use for your baseball diamond should be perfectly straight, well-made, of the optimal height and width and capable of holding strong amidst windy conditions.

The Purpose of Foul Poles

Baseball field foul poles are carefully constructed with either surface mounts, permanent mounts or semi-permanent mounts for use on all different types of baseball and softball fields. The purpose of using a baseball field foul pole is to determine whether a baseball hit into the air toward the outfield fence is either fair or foul. If the baseball moves inside of the foul pole or strikes the foul pole, it is a home run. If the baseball veers outside of the foul pole and lands in the stands or outside of the stadium, it is a foul ball. 

The foul pole you select for your baseball stadium should hold steady when struck by a baseball, subjected to harsh wind, struck by lightning and impacted by other forces. If the foul pole shifts even slightly to the left, right, forward or backward, it will no longer serve its purpose of accurately determining whether a pop fly is fair or foul, essentially making it that much more difficult for your league to enjoy truly fair play on the baseball diamond.

buy foul pole baseball field - anytime baseball supply



buy foul pole for baseball field - anytime baseball supply

Sweat the Small Stuff

The subtleties of foul poles really do make a world of a difference. The material that the foul pole is made of, its color, height, weight and other details matter a great deal.  Foul poles are either white, orange or classic yellow in color. The best-looking foul pole for your field might not be ideal for the next baseball diamond and so on. 

The bottom line is every baseball diamond needs two foul poles on the left and right field foul lines as they extend to the outfield fence, regardless of whether the league is a softball league, a traditional fast pitch baseball league, a little league, a senior league or an intramural league.

Find the Perfect new Foul Poles for Your League

The best foul poles are made with top-quality materials, prove easy to install and stand strong across posterity. Take a look at the different foul poles and you are sure to find one optimal for your baseball league and diamond. There are all sorts of foul pole colors, sizes and mounting options to select from. Click here to learn how to pick the right foul pole for your field for more information. 

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