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Batting Cage Nets

#24 Twisted Batting Cage Net /span>


Netting for Batting Cages

Whether you're building a backyard DIY batting cage or a batting cage facility that will be used everyday for years to come, we got you covered!

We carry all types of batting cage nets; different net gauge (the thickness of the net and overall durability), different material (polyethylene vs polyester) and different sizes (various length and width size for different applications). 

Let's quickly go over the difference between batting cage net gauge size and material so you can make the right purchasing decision for your batting cage build. 

Batting Cage Net Gauge Numbers and what They Mean

#24 Net Gauge: These nets are a great option for the DIY backyard batting cage builders. For those of you that have little league - high school players, the #24 netting should be fine and last up to 4-5 years. These nets are also great for L screens and other protective fielding screens.  1-3/4″ mesh square, with a break point of 237 lbs. 

#27 Net Gauge: These nets are very similar in appearance and tensile strength to our #24 netting. The #27 nets are a great budget option for backyard batting cages. 

#36 Net Gauge: One of the most popular and most bang for your buck batting cage nets we carry. The #36 gauge nets are the perfect option for little league all the way up to college level baseball. We even see some indoor facilities and MLB teams use it for their batting cages! In a well used batting cage, #36 netting can last 5-6 years depending on weather, or 8 years + as a backstop net. These nets have breaking strength of over 340 lbs. 

#42 Net Gauge: A level up from the #36 net, the #42 nets are a great option for MLB teams and indoor facilities/ batting cage businesses that get a lot of use. This net is a bit overkill for backyard batting cages and backstops, but if you have the money for it, it'll last you anywhere from 5-7 years. The #42 batting cage nets have a breaking point of around 440 lbs. 

#60  Net Gauge: An overkill for most DIYers, #60 gauge net is a good option for those that have the money and want to get as much life out of their nets as possible. These nets are used in heavy use facilities, college and professional teams, as well as backstop and safety netting for MLB stadiums. These nets have a breaking point of about 720 lbs. 

#96 Net Gauge: The strongest and most durable net of them all, the #96 gauge net mostly used for batting cage divides and areas of batting cages that receive a lot of impact. These nets are also used in theme parks and for other safety applications. These nets have a breaking strength of over 1,000 lbs. 

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