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Pitching Training Aids

Pitching Training Aids for Baseball and Softball Pitchers

To paint the corners and strike out batters, a baseball or softball pitcher needs practice in game-like scenarios. With just a little bit of equipment, you can take your practice sessions to the next level and give your pitchers all the tools they need to succeed.

Pitching training equipment like pitcher's pocket and the 9 hole pitcher's pocket pro, bullpen dummies, king of the hill pitching trainers, and pitching targets can focus a pitcher during practice and result in more precise pitching. This equipment is suitable for pitchers of all ages and levels.

The pitcher is arguably under the most pressure out of any player on the field, and if they do not have the repetitions to be calm under that pressure, they just won’t perform to their full potential. 

So, we’ll take you through some of the most valuable pitching training aids to develop your pitchers skills and improve your team’s overall results on the field.

Why Buy a Pitching Training Aid?

Some things cannot be replicated with just a mound and a catcher behind the plate.

For example, a pocket net can simulate an umpire’s strike zone, and a pitcher can work on painting the corner with a certain type of pitch. It also is a substitute for a catcher, so your pitcher can get reps in without the need for another player.

To practice pitching to a catcher, a bullpen dummy is a great option to give your pitcher a game-like atmosphere. The dummy imitates a batter and can be positioned on the left or right, and you can practice pitching with different hitter styles like standing back or crowding the plate.

Pitchers can more accurately fine tune their game with a pitching training aid, and they give players the opportunity to hone on different aspects of their pitching.

Different Types of Pitching Training Aids

The three most popular types of training aid are pitching pocket nets, pitching dummies (dummy batters), and pitching targets. We will give some details on what differentiates the equipment and give some recommendations. 

9 hole pitching nets are compact and can give a very accurate representation of a strike zone. The 9 Hole Pro Pitcher's Pocket Net comes with 9 pockets and can be adjusted by height giving pitchers more options to practice against different types of hitters.

Dummies are fairly straightforward as discussed above and a great addition to a bullpen. The ProMounds Designated Hitter Bullpen Dummy Pro Model will have any pitcher training like the pros.

Finally, a pitching target provides a wider area for pitchers to throw into. While it provides less accuracy than a pocket net, it’s perfect for warming up your arm without the need for a catcher. The 9-Hole Pitching Target from BPTRAIN9 is one of our top sellers.

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